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Voyageurs Cup Match 4: Vancouver vs Montreal [R]


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<center>VOYAGEURS CUP 2006



    2239422394.jpg                   2234822348.jpg

Sunday, July 16, 2006 - 7:00 PM PDT

Swangard Stadium, Burnaby


Shaw TV British Columbia

Radio & Audio Webcast:

AM730 Vancouver



[*]The loser of this match cannot win the title.

[*]If Vancouver win this match then Toronto and Vancouver will be contention for the title:

   »  Toronto will win it with two wins against Montreal.

   »  Vancouver will win it otherwise.

[*]If Montreal win this match then Montreal and Toronto will be in contention for the title:

   »  Montreal will win it with one win or two draws against Toronto.

   »  Toronto will win it with one win and one draw against Montreal.

[*]If this match ends in a draw then all three teams will be in contention for the title:

   »  Montreal will win it with one win and one draw against Toronto.

   »  Toronto will win it with one win against Montreal.

   »  Vancouver will win it with exactly two draws between Montreal and Toronto.


Vancouver  1-1-1  4-3  4
Toronto 1-0-1 2-3 3
Montreal 0-1-0 1-1 1

April 29 - Vancouver 2-0 Toronto
July 5 - Toronto 2-1 Vancouver
July 7 - Montreal 1-1 Vancouver
July 16 - Vancouver vs. Montreal
August 23 - Toronto vs. Montreal
September 8 - Montreal vs. Toronto[/code]



   »  USL D1:   7-8-4  24-17  29   (2nd place)   ·   Last match: July 14 - Minnesota 1 Vancouver 2


   »  USL D1:   8-5-1  18-6   29   (1st place)    ·   Last match: July 15 - Seattle 1 Montreal 2


[*]Last match:

   »  July 7, 2006            - Montreal 1 Vancouver 1

[*]Results at Vancouver:

   »  August 25, 2002      - Vancouver 0 Montreal 3

   »  May 30, 2003          - Vancouver 0 Montreal 1

   »  June 11, 2004         - Vancouver 0 Montreal 3

   »  September 11, 2005 - Vancouver 0 Montreal 1


   »  At Vancouver: Vancouver 0-0-4 Montreal

   »  Overall         : Vancouver 0-3-6 Montreal

Voyageurs Cup

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The scenarios above are the official scenarios. Unofficially, though, I'm sure we all have a hard time seeing Toronto get more than one result against Montreal, so it's hard not to view this game tonight as the title decider — unless we get a draw, in which case Toronto just has to upset Montreal once, which I think is feasible.

More stats given at the beginning of the broadcast (I think they said this includes all teams from Vancouver and Montreal, regardless of their name, but I don't know for sure):

All-time: Vancouver 7-2-18 Montreal

All-time at Vancouver: Vancouver 3-2-9 Montreal

Vancouver have not beaten Montreal anywhere since 1996, and have not even scored a goal at home against Montreal since returning to the Whitecaps name in 2001. So either Montreal has Vancouver's number or Vancouver is due!

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Vancouver 0 Montreal 1

55' MON Joel Bailey

Goal came off a poor goal kick by Caig that was turned over to Montreal.

Almost had the same ending as last week when Montreal tied it off a corner deep in injury time. Of course this time it was Vancouver's corner, everyone in the box, including Caig, but just wide.

Last time Vancouver scored at home against Montreal was 1998.

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Ugly game.

Montreal stiffled Vancouver right from the beginning, as the 'Caps had little to no chances. Montreal's defence looked air tight.

The goal was very well taken, and well placed. Top marks on the finish.

Standouts included Montreal's back line, and if I had to pick a 'Cap, Steve Klein.

Otherwise, Steve Kindel remains very difficult to watch. He always looks off balance, and wrong footed. How on earth he earned his 200th start last night, I'll never know.

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Kindel was okay in the first half yesterday, when he was allowed to attack on the left and cross the ball. In the second half, Gjertsen moved to left half and he made the attacking runs, therefore Kindel was stuck playing defence.

Nask and Clarke played poorly, both are slow and predictable. Many of Nash's passes were off last night. Donatelli also played midfield and he was invisible.

Montreal was more pleasing to watch, at times they strung together several short passes, and changed direction frequently while dribbling, etc. Feints are pretty well non-existent on the Caps.

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