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CEO of the CSA for a day.


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I have been very critical about the track record of the CSA and about the fact that they cannot even get the simple things right.

If you were the CEO of the CSA where would you improve things to get the most out of the current state of soccer in this country?

how to use the current resources available to improve the style and performance of our various national teams

how do you optimize the investment of every dollar.

yes there is a lot of known limitations but how can we work within those limitations to make soccer thrives in this country at the pro and international level.

I will give you my take on where I will start using what is already in place to improve things.

It could be more of unique problem that Canada faces so we need to be creativity and innovative and even try things that no other country has ever tried

A canadian problem can only be solved using Canadian innovations and resources, the solution is nowhere else but within Canada.

Lets all be kevin Pipe for a day.

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To be fair--and realistic--I doubt many of us have a bloody clue what the CSA does or is doing. For this reason they are pretty easy whipping boys. Still, it seems pretty evident that they are doing a piss-poor job of promoting games held in Canadian locales, especially in terms of creating a Canadian supporter section. More importantly, we need better coaching in the country and need a standardized program--with levels etc etc--that go right across the country. The Provincial Associations need to get on side--not an easy task--but the CSA should invest time here. I believe Bates was involved with this. Anyhow, that's it for me for now.

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