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Serioux getting close to full fitness


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Serioux getting close to full fitness

Defender Adrian Serioux has been out with a toe injury for more than a month.

Defender Adrian Serioux has been out with a toe injury for more than a month.

After being sidelined since May 20, Houston Dynamo defender Adrian Serioux is finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The day after the team arrived from its longest road-trip of the season, Serioux started running, hoping to be ready for action soon. From what he experienced on his first day back, Dynamo fans can feel certain of his return.

"Today I ran for the first day in weeks, trying to put a little bit of pressure (on my left big toe), trying to see how it would hold up. It's not doing too badly. It is actually holding up quite well, much better than I thought it would," said Serioux.

Since his injury, Serioux has kept himself busy, rehabbing his big left toe, and keeping in shape at the gym, hoping to not lose that step that has made him an important part of Houston's defense. Having him back should only improve the team as the season moves on.

"He was having a good season up to the point where he got injured," said Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear. "He definitely adds quality to the team. He is a good one-on-one player who is very physical and is also good in the air. The most important thing for us is to have him healthy. Once we are certain of that, then we'll be comfortable enough to put him in the lineup."

It will be at that point that the frustration Serioux has felt throughout the last few weeks will disappear.

"At the beginning it was not that tough, but as the season progressed it got harder and harder. You want to go out there and help out your teammates. Even though the group is holding up pretty well without me, I still can't wait to get back out there," said Serioux.

So, with all that said, when will we expect to see Serioux back?

"I am looking to be back for the game against Chivas USA. I am aiming for that game, and will do everything possible to play," said Serioux.

Team trainer Bruce Morgan is a bit more cautious.

"In terms of rejoining the team, he is still about a week or so away," said Morgan. "Depending on how he feels, it may even be the game against Kansas City (on July 15) when he makes his return."

The club is certainly ready to welcome him back. Whether it is next week or later, Serioux is prepared and willing to step on the pitch once again.

"I'm ready. I will definitely be back soon and will look to continue with my season the same way I started it," he said.

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