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MLS - Top 10 most hated sport by Americans


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I thought this was an interesting read. Maybe if the US were ranked #1 by FIFA they would not hate it as much. ;) Then a #5 ranking and an early boot from the WC was just what the doctor ordered.

Top 10 Most Hated Spectator Sports

Many of us get a real kick out of watching football. But who likes to watch dog fighting or golf or even NASCAR? Not many.

The Associated Press reports that a new poll conducted by the Sports Marketing Group in Atlanta has identified the top 10 most hated spectator sports:

1. Dog fighting

2. Professional wrestling

3. Bullfighting

4. Professional boxing

5. PGA Tour

6. PGA Seniors

7. LPGA Tour


9. Major League Soccer

10. ATP Men's Tennis


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quote:Originally posted by Richard

Please to see MLS does better than NASCAR :-)

Ya but NASCAR runs rings around MLS in terms of just about everything else I guess. TV, sponsorship, attendances, volume, alcohol sold at events, sunburn .....................


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