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Absolute must watch.


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Just found this and maybe it belongs on the World Cup or World Soccer forums but I think I'll throw it out here (at least until it gets veto'd).

This whole CBC section is worth a look if a little light in places but worth a look all the same.

But watch this Journal video from 1986. It's outstanding, familiar in places, and all at once amazing while amazingly depressing.


P.S. If you go to the time line at the top of the page other archived CBC videos become available. Play around and relive your younger days a little.

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Nice find, Cheeta. Even then, respect for the MNT was pretty

low (eg. check out the "parade" for them in the streets of

Vancouver), the organization then was more chaotic, but the

players' determination was admirable.

Interesting comments from the patrons of the Italian bar. I still

remember Steve Armitage & the CBC broadcasting our matches.

Sad to note that not much has changed since that TV clip, except

for the fact that 20 years later, we're not going to the World Cup.

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Am I naive in thinking that if Canada were to qualify now, there would be a lot more pro-Canadian support than there was back in '86?

For sure, there would still be the Euro-snobs like we saw in that Italian bar, but I think the kids of that generation (my age and younger) would be a lot more receptive to supporting Canada and the old country.

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Wow...that was kind of depressing. I was at the Wales game at BC place and I remember how empty it was. I think the previous week we had beaten Wales 1-0 or 2-1 (can't remember). I also recall being threatened at the England game by a bunch of very intimidating English thugs (they didn’t like my 'Marching to Mexico' sweat shirt). Upon seeing them, and feeling the ferocity in their voices, I realized just how serious soccer was in England as compared to Canada (I was only 16) and how far we had to go to illicit passion in our fans. The England game was great, but I recall the biggest cheers going out to ex-white cap, Peter Beardsley, when he was warming up to come on. That was also the game that resulted in Liniker having to wear a cast in Mexico.

I do have to say that my feelings of pride for the players of that team still remain; great guys that just got on with it despite the apathy surrounding them. I think I’ll go watch the France game again.

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