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May 12 - CPSL White Eagles vs Santa Clara (Port.)

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Result of the Friday May 12, 2006 exhibition game between Toronto Serbian White Eagles (CPSL) and Santa Clara of Portugal played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 7:30pm.

20 min...Santa Clara "Hermes" GOAL...Hermes socres on a scramble in the WE box after a cornerkick from left is headed to goalie Dusan Belic who drops ball and Hermes boots shot from 2 yards to defender who is one yard over the line. (edited from CPSL report; OK so not "Maurinho" with the last touch but there were a lot of players in the box).

38 min...Santa Clara "Ruben" GOAL...SC Quinu Berto freekick from left has an SC player head ball from 7 yards which goalie Belic palms off line as he's falling backwards but throws it directly at charging Ruben who heads ball to center of net just under bar from 3 yards.

46 min...White Eagles Gabriel Pop GOAL...Pop tips in header from 5 yards behind SC goalie Joao Botelho that WE Marko Janjicek had crossed from right.

Final Score:.....Toronto Serbian White Eagles.....1.....Santa Clara (Portugal)......2.....

Attendance started off at about 300 then was maybe 500 at halftime and 600 by the end of the game when the Braga game was scheduled. Tickets were $40 each for tonight's doubleheader and $60 for the weekend package that would have two more games on Sunday.

Santa Clara looked like the better team but not by much. The White Eagles goal in the first minute of the second half made the game close right up to the final whistle. Santa Clara is a second division team in the Portuguese leagues. Their home is on the Azores Islands.

Lamport Stadium was a mess with a burnt out scoreboard and that parking lot asphalt calibre astroturf. I don't think I was there last year but they've even let the American football lines start to fade away. (not Canadian because there's only 100 yards between football goallines, not 110). It had rained for much of the day (long over by gametime) and the field was still slippery. Balls passed wide often rolled out of bounds and blocked shots often bounced out of bounds.

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From the CPSL press release: (pretty dry report but they must have found the last name of the goal scorers).

TORONTO – Friday, May 12 - Two first half goals by Joao Tomas, followed by singles from Kim Dong-Hyan, Matheus Nascimento and Diego Costa, gave Sporting Braga of the Portuguese First Division a 5-0 victory over Toronto Supra Portuguese of the Canadian Professional Soccer League’s International Division in an exhibition game played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto Friday night.

Earlier in the evening, Portuguese Second Division team Santa Clara defeated Serbian White Eagles also of the CPSL, by a 2-1 score. Santa Clara goals were both scored in the first half by Hermes Rodrigues Junior and Ruben Filipe Costa Rodregues. It was 2-0 at halftime, with Gabrielle Pop scoring the lone goal for Serbian White Eagles in the second half.

The two games are part of a four-game series of friendlies to be played with the visitors this weekend, the remaining two games to go at Lamport Stadium on Sunday when Toronto Supra Portuguese and Serbian White Eagles meet at 4 p.m. to be followed by Braga vs. Santa Clara at 6.30 p.m.

Sporting Braga attracted wide attention during the Portuguese season just ended with a strong bid for the top division title, ending the season in fourth position

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