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TO MLS Free-for-all (fantasy Stuff)


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The last thread I began was intended as a proposal for an idea for our group. I've since lost faith in that idea (well more truthfully - in my ability to convey that idea). Anyway, the thread started to become mostly about fanciful propossals for names and the like. I myself have become almost masterbatory with making little pictures and stuff.


I propose this space for all these fanciful type ideas as a way to keep other peoples threads more on the topic of their choice.

ie. come here to have fun with crazy ideas, art work etc..

If this is unneeded or just plain dumb, the mods are free to get rid of it.

Anyway, here I go...


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With the flip flop in Houston, I had to rethink. I conclude that the name still stinks so my first 'UNION' composition still stands... (deep bows around the compass)...


We'll Beat Chicgo Fire,

And the Dallas Team As Well,

Laugh at Poor Columbus,

Tell Houston, Their name smell(s),

We'll Quash the Revolution, (answerd with the fill in)AGAIN!

And send Re al back to Hell,

The Union Marches On,

Well, Galaxy's a Stupid Name,

The Metrostars as Well,

Chivas Canne Kick a Ball,

And DC Will Be Felled,

Wizards, Rapids, We Don't Rate,

To All Of You We Tell,

The Union Marches On,

Golry, Glory to The Union,

All Will Fall Before The Union,

Glory, Shine On From The Union,

Together We March On...

ad infid....

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And of course an obvious MUST for the terraces (at least the south one)

Learn well Bruthers...

In days of yore, from Britain's shore,

Wolfe the dauntless hero came,

And planted firm Britannia's flag

On Canada's fair domain.

Here may it wave, our boast and pride,

And join in love together

The thistle, shamrock, rose entwine

The maple leaf forever.

The maple leaf, our emblem dear,

The maple leaf forever

God save our Queen and heaven bless

The maple leaf forever.

Our fair dominion now extends

From Cape Race to Nootka Sound

May peace forever be our lot,

And plenteous store abound

And may those ties of love be ours

Which discord cannot sever;

And flourish green o'er freedom's home

The maple leaf forever.

Repeat Chorus

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