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Hey, i'd like to get some more info on the toronto team, can anyone tell me there website? im thinking about watching them when i come over from england in August.

Also im currently playing for a semi prof team in England and was wondering if anyone know of any good places for scouts or trails within the area?


Andy Mc

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If you are referring to the new Toronto MLS team, the website for that isn't up yet. The team doesn't begin play until 2007.

If you are referring to the Toronto Lynx www.lynxsoccer.com is the website. They play in what is, for lack of a better comparison, Div.2 in North America, while the MLS is considered Div.1. (It's a bit of a misnomer because there is no promotion/relegation between the two leagues). Most of the supporters for both teams are on this part of the forum, so if you hang around here I am sure you will get most of the info you require.

Welcome to the board, hopefully we'll meet in August!

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