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Webcast Interview with Yallop


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Guest Jeffery S.

To be fair to Frank, for the FIFA World Player 05 he voted Adriano, Lampard and Ronaldinho. So don't know how he justifies the Rooney comment.

Funny how Adriano has fallen off the map a bit, but anyone who plays for Inter is taking their chances at being ignored the way that team has been for such a long time.

Here is the thread:


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Frank also took Jolie over Aniston, said Brad Pitt was cute, and that Canada would win Olympic Gold... surprised some of you knuckleheads didn't jump all over those comments as well in the interview :rolleyes:

The reality is that Frank had recently been talking about young players in the interview and Rooney's name had come up... it's easy to see why he would have "Rooney on the mind" in that context.

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