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CanadaKicks Update - Podcast

Bill Ault

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CanadaKicks Radio Launches

Midweek Update Podcast

(February 1, 2006 – Ottawa, ON) CanadaKicks Radio is pleased to kick off their latest media venture a midweek podcast called CanadaKicks Update.

The show will allow for a weekly update of the major news in Canadian soccer aimed at the hard core fans who just cannot get enough coverage of their favourite sport.

The guest for the first show is the Chief Operating Officer of the Canadian Soccer Association Kevan Pipe. Show host Bill Ault and Pipe discussed the recent controversy over the awarding of both the opening game and final of the 2007 World Youth Championships to Toronto.

CanadaKicks Update will be hosted by Bill Ault and can be accessed online through http://www.blastpodcast.com/viewpodcast.html?id=21017. Also available through podcast from last week an interview with Canadian U20 Women’s Head Coach Ian Bridge.

The regular show broadcast live each Saturday at Noon on the TEAM 1200 fans outside of the Ottawa area can listen online at the www.team1200.com and soon at their leisure via podcast through www.canadakicks.com.

About CanadaKicks Radio

Broadcasting each Saturday for one hour from Noon to 1 pm on the TEAM 1200 Sports Radio in Ottawa the show hosted by AJ Jakubec and Bill Ault is a show of two halves kicking off with all the morning scores from and talking points from Europe and then turning its eye to the game in Canada for the second half.

Fully interactive CK Radio gives the fans of the world's greatest game a chance to have their say through online polls and via email at www.canadakicks.com.

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Very good and interesting interview with Pipe. Since I criticized you for what I felt were easy questions to Yallop that allowed him to go into his politicians spiel, let me say that this interview was completely different. You did not shy away from asking Pipe sensitive and topical questions. It was interesting to hear what he had to say and get an idea of his character given that he is so vilified on this board. If you interview him again I would be interested in how he would respond to the following:

-the lack of MNT friendlies in Canada

-why the MNT has not qualified for the WC during his tenure and how much influence/responsibility he feels he has on the sports side of things

Thanks to your interviews we are getting to hear the thoughts of some people we know quite well by name but not very well in person. Keep up the good work.

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Good stuff again Bill. For those that are still doubting that Edmonton gets the rest of Canada's games in the U20 WYC, this podcast confirms it. It also mentions if Canada wins the group they stay in Edmonton for the next three matches (assuming they win them) before heading back to Toronto for the final.

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So Edmonton could have 5 Canadian games...hmmm. I definately think Edmonton should have the winner of the group's round of sixteen and the semi-final (since the other would be in Toronto) but maybe the quarter-final along that route should be for one of the other cities.

Of course this is only if Canada win their group and continue on.

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Brief but not without interest.

I know the interview was of course edited but I have to admit that Frankies surprised me a wee bit there. He seemed to me to have gone out of his way to indicate that while he feels he has to go with the 'keepers who've shown well for him so far, he is enthusiast about keeping an open mind and eager eye out for anyone else who might be doing well.

Could be reading something that's not there, but me-thinks the Ferandes plot thickens.

(That of course assumes that it was the in-season Ferandes, and not Lars who Frankie was hinting at).

I like these podcasts.

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quote:Originally posted by masster

I liked these podcasts too. But there haven't been any new ones in a while. Is CanadaKicks Radio still on?

Ask and yee shall receive ;)

A brief conversation with Jason Bent on the podcast today. The radio show is looking for more sponsors before ontinuing on the TEAM - I'm hopeful we can have things in place for May. Failing that I will be expanding the midweek update to a full show (minimum 30 minutes) by the beginning of April.

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