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Stan Adamson elevated to executive director

TORONTO – Wednesday, January 11 - The Board of Governors of the Canadian Professional Soccer League has given a vote of confidence in its league commissioner with the signing of a two-year contract through to the end of 2007.

Cary Kaplan, the former president of Hamilton Bulldogs of the American Hockey League, appointed to the CPSL’s top position last year with a background of impressive achievements including AHL executive of the year in 1999 and who currently owns a sports management company, Cosmos Sports, has been given a contract and mandate to shape Canada’s only complete professional soccer league over the next two years.

Kaplan has elevated Stan Adamson, the league’s media and PR director, who from time to time has been involved also in administration, to now have a far greater role in all soccer operations with the title executive director. Adamson has a long history in soccer media work and has been a member of the board of directors at all three levels of governance with the Toronto Soccer Association, the OSA and the Canadian Soccer Association.

Janet Leonard, who has been the front of the CPSL during the past two years with several portfolios including the league competition and schedule preparation, has been promoted to CPSL office manager and will now work out of the commissioner’s office in Mississauga.

John Marsico has joined the CPSL with a marketing background in sports and entertainment has been appointed the league’s marketing manager.

The CPSL office for soccer operations will remain at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan.

Finally, the league will be hiring a public relations assistant during the next several weeks.

“I am pleased to be commissioner of a league that has such a great potential. With a strong staff and a committed group of owners we aim to significantly improve the status of pro soccer in this country both on and off the field,” said Kaplan in making the announcements today.

These staff appointments take effect immediately.

The Canadian Professional Soccer League Inc.,

Soccer Operations: Stan Adamson, CPSL, The Soccer Centre, 7601 Martin Grove Road, Vaughan, Ontario L4L 9E4 Tel: 905 856-5439 Fax: 905 856-9325 e-mail: cpsl@cpsl.ca

Commissioner’s Office: Janet Leonard, CPSL, 6500 Tomken Road. Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2E9

Tel: 905 564-4660 Fax: 905 564-4881 e-mail: janet@cpsl.ca

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