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Canada Camp Roster Contest. Who's Game?

Ian Kennett

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Let's have a contest for Voyageurs bragging rights for January. Name the roster that you think Frank Yallop will name for the January 8 camp and January 22 match against the USA. I assume that the roster will be around 16 players. Who do you think they will be? Post your roster and we can compare when the roster gets announced on Monday or Tuesday. Remeber that Yallop said that the camp is also for "some of the guys who haven't featured for Canada in awhile."

Good luck! Who is the best Voyageur manager?

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What's the status for our European guys? Will the scandinavians be available to play that game? If yes, I hope to see Hirsh, Bernier, Friend, Gerba, Grande and Atiba.

If no, I think we'll have a team of A-League ad MLS players and maybe some european guys.

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I would expect a combination of North American and Scandinavian players.

Keepers: Sutton apparantly is confirmed, I think we'll see Hirschfeld there too with each playing a half. If not Hirchfeld then Waganaar or Franks, but they don't get playing time.

Backs: Pozniak, Gervais and Pizzolito are apparantly confirmed. I would expect to see Jazic, Hutchinson and maybe someone like Tyler Hughes to get a look. Hutchinson may get the captain's band, Ledgerwood is with the parent team and will stay with them to try and impress, If not Hughes, then maybe Edgar, I don't know what the english reserves are doing this time of year. I would like to see Nsaliwa, but he is likely to stay with his club and try to solidify his starting position even if inclined to come. I would have picked Braz over Pizzolito, but I don't expect to see both.

Midfielders: Leduc and Serioux are confirmed (at least on this board).

I would add Bernier, Grande, DeRosario and maybe Rosenlund. I would like to see Canizales, but I don't know what his club's winter training camp schedule is and if he is invited to it.

Strikers: Friend, Gerba, Ademoulu and Johnson. I didn't pick Occean as he is similar to Friend and I think this will be Friend's chance to impress.

There are my guesses, I think we can get a competative starting eleven out of that lineup. I'll likely find out how close I am later this week.

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Don't think we'll see any of the lads from Germany. The clubs will be active during the break and as it seems this is going to be a rather long warm-up camp for a non-FIFA approved international date, it's not as though the clubs will want/have to release them. I'm sure Frankie will want bodys he can have for the duration.

Wonder how big a squad he's calling? Arena's got a bloody army called up. Be some full inter-squad scrimmages I'm sure.

Be surprised if Dodds was available. Or Edgar. (Although in Edgar's case it may be good politic to get into the senior Canada squad for a couple of weeks. Just got to get Newcastle to agree...)

Going to be a fun game anyway. Should be lots of rust in the air down there as all these out-of-season fellows (ours & theirs) try to shake it off.

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Well, here is my guess at the roster. I agree that the German league players will not be involved. I am also going to suggest that Yallop will bring in a couple of new guys, but that he will not overdue it because the US is a strong opponent despite it being MLS players. I'm thinking a 20 man squad because the camp runs for two weeks prior to the game, and a smaller squad makes less sense for such a long camp. Potential injuries must be covered as well. Of course, getting 20 guys into a match is not practical, but I am sure that the camp will have some guys not be on form or up to standard. He could name a 16 man roster for the actual game. It is a good chance for Yallop to see a lot of guys who ought to be available. As well, 20 guys allows for 10 on 10 scrimmages which is a whole lot better than 8 on 8.

Goal: Sutton, Hirschfeld

Defence: Reda, Braz, Jazic, Hughes, Pizzolitto, Gervais, Marshall, Pozniak

Midfield: Serioux, Grande, De Rosario, Brillant, Bernier, Hutchinson, Leduc

Forward: Friend, Occean, Ademolou

Possible but less likely - Kevin de Serpa, Jamie Dodds, Kevin Harmse


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To answer your question Ivan, he did quite well with the rams but they are having some serious financial situations and unfortunately for him could not afford to offer him anything at the moment. They said they will keep an eye on him for the futur. Andrew has been back in Canada for a week or two and has secured himself a 4 year travel visa to the UK with a possibility to apply for residency after it expires. He'll be back in England by the end of the month.

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I'll wish him the best from the Voyagers and yes, Sigma, after the change of rules to the "holliday maker visa" back in February 2005, I believe that familly ties is one of the few remaining hopes to get a visa for the UK. I dont think many young players that are trying out in certain countries are aware of this and get the "big" surprise once a club has put an offer on the table after weeks and even months of hard work in try-out situations.

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Im gonna go out on a limb here and do my own

Ademolu, Stephen F 10/20/1982 1 0 Tromso Windsor, ON

Bernier, Patrice M 9/23/1979 14 0 Tromso Montréal, QC

Braz, Adam D 06/07/1981 6 0 Montreal Impact St. Laurent, QC

de Rosario, Dwayne M/F 5/15/1978 35 7 Houston Scarborough, ON

Friend, Rob F 1/23/1981 4 0 Molde Kelowna, BC

Gerba, Ali F 7/27/1982 5 1 IFK Goteborg Montréal, QC

Gervais, Gabriel D 9/18/1976 7 0 Montreal Impact Brossard, QC

Grande, Sandro M 9/29/1977 9 1 Viking Stavanger Montréal, QC

Hainault, Andre (Andrew) D 6/17/1986 0 0 Montreal Impact Hudson, QC

Hutchinson, Atiba M 02/08/1983 18 2 Helsingborg Brampton, ON

Jazic, Ante D/M 2/26/1976 13 0 FC Kuban Halifax, NS

Johnson, Will F 1/21/1987 1 0 Chicago Fire Woodridge, IL

Leduc, Patrick M 12/26/1977 3 0 Montreal Impact Montréal, QC

Pizzolitto, Nevio D 8/26/1976 9 0 Montreal Impact Montréal, QC

Pozniak, Chris D/M 01/10/1981 14 0 Haugesund FK Scarborough, ON

Reda, Marco D 6/22/1977 2 0 unattached Woodbridge, ON

Serioux, Adrian D/M 05/12/1979 7 0 unattached Scarborough, ON

Stamatopoulos, Kenny GK 8/28/1979 3 1 Tromso Markham, ON

Sutton, Greg GK 4/19/1977 6 2 Montreal Impact Enfield, NH

Not sure if this is close but we shall see


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