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Only in England would this be an ongoing "problem"


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....[:o)] Do translators not exist north of Calais?

From BBC site...


Language problem hinders Redknapp

Redknapp took over from Alain Perrin

Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp has expressed his frustration at trying to communicate with several players who have little or no grasp of English.

Redknapp told BBC Radio Five Live: "It's a crazy situation. We've got three people who can't speak English.

"What is the good when you have got people and you cannot even tell them what to do?"

Redknapp also believes his squad has a lack of balance as he tries to save Portsmouth from relegation.

"I've had three positive performances from them but I can only work with the hand I've got and it's not balanced," added Redknapp.

Colombian midfielder John Viafara came on as a late substitute in the 1-1 draw with West Ham and Redknapp said his cameo in the game summed up one of the major problems at the club.

"With 10 minutes to go, I bring on a boy and tell him to mark the near-post space at a corner because it's a vital position," he said.

"He runs on and goes somewhere else because he doesn't speak a word of English.

"It's sad, it's a crazy situation - what are you supposed to do, draw diagrams for 20 minutes? "We've got three players here who can't speak English. It shouldn't happen."

Redknapp said although he was not going to concentrate exclusively on signing British players, he wanted anyone he brought in to have an idea what to expect.

"I'm looking to bring in players who have played in Europe and understand the game and who know what hard work means.

"I want players who know what it means to Pompey fans to try and stay up."

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quote:Originally posted by shaku_bert


dirty barsteward!

serves him right!

Just you wait, he'll be slopping out the old "the cupboard is bare" and all kinds of crappy excuses as takes the skates down!

Or I could just be a twisted bitter Saints fan.

Correct on all accounts.

quote:Originally posted by Modster

Although that's true. How many Anglo-Canadians really speak french? Not nearly as many as the other way around.

I think that's just a reflection of a NA reality. Way, way more English speakers on the continent than anything else. Even Spanish. Don't know, but I dought very much many Canadians are chasing employment ventures in regions of NA where Spanish is an important requirment.

All that being said it's foolish to handicap yourself with only 1 language. I may complain about it but the Little One's French is quite good apparently. Now if that classroom French amounts to anything in the real world one day I guess we'll see. But at least there is some sort of foundation there.

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Guest Jeffery S.

What Harry is really saying is that he thinks if all the players do just what he says they'll get better results.

So why doesn't he play if he sees it so clearly?

As for the player in question, it is not that he did not understand his coach. Most likely he is the typical pro who is dying to play and goes out and does it the way he knows best, playing as he feels is right. Only that he missed his assignment. Little to do with English, a lot to do with ways players are educated to conceive the coach and ways coaches conceive their role from the bench.

In the end, if the team had signed decent players and were being coached to do what they know best, they would not be suffering.

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quote:Originally posted by Daniel

Anglo Canadians, if you want your kid to speak French, the cside recommends French immersion. They'll actually *know* French and it's not like they won't know English.

Agreed. She's been in FI since day one. I've kinda wonder about the quality of the teachers sometimes but you take the good with the not-as-good. Some of the schools she's attended are "mixed", English and French students sharing the same buildings and grounds (which I'm not very keen on), but it's a necessity in our area.

Has a new French languages/math teacher this year right off the boat from France and he's been full of praise for her and a majority of her classmates which is incouraging.

Back to topic;

Hard to realy see where Redknapp is coming off. I can understand there being some challenges on the training pitch but really, how much complicated instruction does he expect to be able to communicate during an in-match tactical adjustment? How hard is it to explain to a fellow to close mark player X over 2/3rds or the pitch? Or you've got short stick on this corner? Or shift centre you'll be playing a high holding mid? I mean come on already.

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As an immersion grad (and since our teachers were sadists we did the International Baccalaureate too for ****s and giggles) I can't say enough good about it.

My french has lapsed to crap and I was nowhere near the top of my class, but anyone that went Quebec or even Ottawa are perfectly fluent and a few work in french.

Cheeta I wouldn't worry about the quality of the teachers. Compared to some of the teachers I see here, I can't believe how good my FI teachers were. And compared to the ridiculous list of doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs that graduated with me (and that was only 10 years ago) I'm clearly a slacker.

I also think more 'rest-of-Canadians' speak French than French Quebecois think and vice versa. That being said I don't even try to speak French with french speakers, because they change to English once they hear my accent. I'd be offended, but I know a Swiss girl that had the same experience in Quebec and French is her first language.



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