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election impact on Vancouver stadium

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The big issue with Vancouver's stadium project is the fact that current planning & development policies would delay construction completion to 2009.

Meanwhile, Toronto's stadium (which is at essentially the same place in terms of municipal bureaucracy) will be done by 2007.

Well big news tonight in BC: right-leaning NPA candidate Sam Sullivan has won the Vancouver mayor's race.

At this point (late on election night) his party also holds a slight council majority.

This is important for several reasons:

1. Sullivan is a huge supporter of the stadium project, and has been adamant throughout the campaign that that 4 years is unacceptable. He's also said the former left-leaning council majority should have been busting its ass to make this project happen ASAP.

2. He's suggested he will revise the permit process in order to get the stadium built at the same pace as Toronto (posisbly 2007).

3. If Sullivan faces any legal challenges at city hall with respect to revising the development process, I would not be surprised if Sullivan asks the provincial gov't to enact the Significant Projects Streamlining Act.

The SPSA is basically provincial legislation which overrides municipal procedures in order to ram through projects of significant economic importance. The SPSA was created essentially to combat opposition to the construction of any 2010 Olympic facilites.

4. Sullivan and Caps owner Greg Kerfoot have very strong ties to the BC Liberal party, and have direct access to Premier Gordon Campbell. If the lefties put up a fuss (and they will...) don't be surprised if Sullivan asks the BC Libs bring down the hammer.

Prediction: stadium ready in late 2007, early 2008.

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Awesome news Johnnnie. Thanks for posting...I actually thought Jim Green was more pro-stadium than even Sullivan. Incidentally, I e-mailed every single council candidate on the stadium issue, and not a single Vision candidate wrote back. Sam Sullivan did respond, as did ALL of the independants. It couldn't have worked out any better.

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