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Paul James speaks-out on the Toronto Blizzard

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This is what I got from Paul James directly through an e-mail. I'm probably going to delete this thread for I did not get his consent. However, he wants to talk to the members of our Blizzard movement.

Hello Luis,

Sorry for the very late reply and thank you for the email. I do have very fond memories of the Toronto Blizzard days particularly in 1984 when we played at Varsity Stadium...it was probably the clubs most successful season in terms of on and off field success...I did check out the web site and could not help but notice that Bill Ault is involved in organizing this. I actually know Bill and therefore I would have no problem providing him with some old memorabilia from my Blizzard days. I have always found him to be an honorable and passionate soccer supporter.

In regards to the petition, I would prefer to talk to you and a few of your colleagues to maybe brainstorm on the MLS, the team name and the Blizzard days. Unfortunately my schedule has been very hectic for the past three months and will remain so for the next two weeks. However after that I would be happy to sit down and talk about soccer in Toronto and Canada with you and some of your soccer friends.

Feel free to call me at 416-736-**** ext. 20833 and thanks again for the email.

Kind regards,

Paul James

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I am glad to see Paul's response.I am also glad to see his compliments about the activities of the team at that time and in particular the off field ones.At that time I was the PR guy and many good memories are coming back.One of them the good ones was playing with Roberto Bettaga several times.Anyway we had a very succesfull season and also a very good team.Paul also played on my indoor team as did Bruce Wilson,Dave McQueen,Queeny,and some other well known names including Brian Budd.I should give Paul a call and find out his side of this proposal as well as Brian.Paul by the way is in Canada's Soccer Hall Of Fame.It would be a great idea to invite them both.Anyway I am getting sentimental again and I might even wear my old authentic Blizzard shirt.Although that afternoon I am suppose to play tennis,so I will see if this can be changed.

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