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Stad. Discussion, TO City Council- October 27 On

Guest Dave

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quote:Originally posted by Elias

Pantalone is the Deputy Mayor. I think since the Mayor is not there he answers them. Or something.

Are these councillors this opposed, or are they just covering their backs. Meaning, they stand up and pretend to be against it so they can point to that if anything goes wrong, but still vote yes.

I think some councillers are doing that... playing a political game. As for Del Grande and LoPreli (sp), I think they could/are against the Stadium.

as for another venue in Toronto... nope, unless a backyard size, delapatated centennial stadium is used! [:P]

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quote:Originally posted by DoyleG

Del Grande didn't do the deal.

If I sat on that council I could verbally rip DelGrande to shreds. Trust me, it's easy with an emotional moron like that.

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quote:Originally posted by Gian-Luca

The old green lady is on our side. Three cheers for the old green lady!

Yeah but her "No Sign" campaign (what is the Gardner if not one huge billboard - there's even ads cut into the grass), will cost the city cause of the naming rights. The MLSE CFO was saying something about it yesterday, if they don't get a sign, the city has to pay more. Can't remember the exact details.

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