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Where to watch Holland v CzechRepublic in Guelph?


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quote:Originally posted by Robert

Hopefully at an oranje venue, if you enjoy being in a winning environment.:D

There's a reason Brazil and Holland are currently ranked first and second in the world. At the U20s this year Holland made it to the quarterfinals and Brazil to the semifinals. At the U17s this year Holland made it to the semifinals and Brazil to the finals. Both countries have also qualified for Germany next year at the senior level. In order to be successfully at the full national level, there needs to be a successful foundation at the younger levels. Obviously, there is unlimited room for growth at every level of the Canadian program. Unfortunately, we have lacked the leadership at national level to be able to do so. But hey, as Richard would be quick to point out, that has nothing to do with Kevan Pipe. What does Kevan do out there as Chief Operating Officer, Dick?

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