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Funniest Movie/TV Stars IMO!


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Ben Stiller!

Jim Carrey!

Mike Myers!

Rick Maayl!

John Culshaw! (English Impressionist, does Tony Blair, George Bush and Ozzy Osbourne)

Matt Lucas! (Arsenal Fan :D)

Harry Enfield! (Another Arsenal Fan :D)

The Wayans Brothers!

Chris Tarrant! (English 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' Host. Barking Mad in the best possible Way)

Billy Connolley!

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Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" can't miss him.

It is no longer the "War against Terrorisim" it is "The struggle of the Civilized World" or the God meter thingy.

With the right muscle relaxants..endless hours of tapes of Kids in The Hall, or the movies The Jerk, Blues Brothers and Ground Hog Day. Fuque I'm showing my age.

Or CNN (also known as the Pentagon Channel) at any time is always good for a hoot

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Co-nan o-Brien!!!

The funniest people can laugh at themselves.

Bill Maher tells a good story (They say married men live longer, yea, so do cats who never go outdoors. They're furballs with broken spirits, but, technically, they do live longer), and Jon Stewart has become my only source of news, but Dave Chapelle is the killer.

Anyone ever catch that bit about getting Botox injections in his balls to get the wrinkles out?

Rick James, bitch!

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