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Live broadcast of the swearing in of new GG


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Now I dunno if I just never noticed before or has this been done before?

At least Madame Jean has given up her French part of her dual citizenship (which she never had 'till she married her French born husband..to be fair), because as she says ...you can't hold a foriegn citizen card and be Head of State and Commander in Chief of Canada.

Yes GG is mostly a ceremonial position, to be the Head of State whenever QE 2 isn't here (which is almost always).

But I honestly don't remember this being broadcast live before. Or maybe because this such a ceremonial position I've just not paid attention.

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Well, I have to admit that I'm neither a monarchist nor a republican.

But I have to admit that since Vincent Massey (our first born Canadian GG) through Georges Vanier (Quebec) Romeo LeBlanc (Acadian)Ed Schreiver (west [spelling])

Clarkson (woman,Asian). Maybe the position of GG has become Canadian.

I will have to say cheers to Madame Jean, whose family fled Haiti as refugees to settle in Canada. To rise to GG, and to to be the first francophone person of status to say out loud that two solitudes is dead.....let's build one Canada. The Canadian Mosiac.

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