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CPSL Week 19

Rocket Robin

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Result of the Thursday September 15th, 2005 CPSL game between Hamilton Thunder and Vaughan Shooters played at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 9:00pm. (This game had been rescheduled from Brian Timmis Stadium in Hamilton)

4 min...Shooters Raj Takhar GOAL...VS Darryl Gomez 30 yard freekick from left into box has goalie Roberto Ferrari in crowd of players punch ball away. Takhar gets in 10 yard shot on right low and ball is deflected off defender and tips high into net.

6 min...Thunder Ryan Thompson GOAL...From kickoff restart after last goal, a pass through center circle starts the Thunder on a 2 on 0 break and Thompson doesn't pass but takes a 10 yard shot into top right side of net beating goalie Brian Bowes.

10 min...VS Jason DeThomasis passes from left into box and VS Darryl Gomez is pulled down inside box. Referee Ian Adair orders a Penalty kick.

11 min...VS Darryl Gomez Penalty kick is low and goalie crumples to his left and makes the stop. The referee's assistant signals for a retake.

12 min...Shooters Darryl Gomez GOAL...Gomez penalty kick has goalie dive left and shot by Gomez on stagger step is kicked into the right side of net about 4 foot high.

51 min...Thunder RED card...Matthew O'Connor pulls down VS Jason DeThomasis rushing in on left on a breakaway.

65 min...Shooters RED card...Darryl Gomez earns this for tripping HT Juan Cruz Real from behind near center circle.

After a long delay sorting out what happened and a pushing match between the two benches, the referee sent both Shooters' coach Carmin Isacco and Thunder head coach Jorge Armua to their dressing rooms. Thunder player Kadian Lecky who'd already been subbed for was also sent away.

72 min...Shooters Desi Humphrey GOAL...Humphrey gets 12 yard shot from the right that he blasts to top left corner of net.

Final Score:.............Hamilton Thunder...............1..................Vaughan Shooters...............3............

Attendance was about 80 on this mild night. It was dark before the game began. I was disappointed that the game didn't start at 8:00pm like it listed on the CPSL website. I suppose it let more people get here from Hamilton as the crowd was very pro-Hamilton and they were deemed the home team after the rescheduling of this game. This was a meeting of the first place teams of the East and West Divisions. Hamilton Thunder has rescheduled their final three home games at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan after their city officials banned them from Brian Timmis Stadium for not paying their rent. Long term, owner Italo Ferrari expects to be back in the city next year and eventually in the university stadium which is being financed by the Tim Horton's franchise president.

This was a very rough game with trip-ups and dives that it was hard to tell them apart. Jason DeThomasis was slowing down trying to figure out how he was going to beat the goalie when he was knocked from behind and fell forward resulting in the Thunder Red card. When Shooters Darryl Gomez was ejected, the benches erupted which had been jawing back and forth for quite a few minutes. Thunder head coach Jorge Armua crossed the center line and swatted at coach Carmin Isacco on the Shooters bench. I was thinking he might duck and Armua might have gone down like Don Zimmer the rotund New York Yankee coach who was rolled over during a brawl in a baseball game last year that incident was played on news and talk shows for weeks afterward.

I asked around why the Penalty kick was retaken. Nothing wrong with jumping around before the kick if you stay on your line, but you can't step forward!

Both teams had chances to score more goals. Desmond Humphrey looked great on the wing for the Shooters. The Thunder defense remains strong with David Simpson, Giovanni Annisi, Daniel Milojevic and Kimimori Kitazawa cutting down on rebounds off the goalie. Ferrari made a great reaction save on Desi Humphrey's one touch scissor kick from 12 yards at 53 minutes to keep them in the game. This David Simpson was different than the player who played for them two years ago and this year for the USL Toronto Lynx. I saw the roster and thought there might be an invasion of Lynx players like happened in the league up to two years ago. Maybe it's economics or maybe it's because the CPSL teams don't think the players available would help them out.

Rocket Robin


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Result of the Sunday September 18, 2005 CPSL game between North York Astros and Windsor Border Stars played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York at 7:00pm.

34 min...Astros RED card...Juan Carlos Mongui picks up his second Yellow card from referee Alex William, this time for a body check from behind on WBS Jeff Hodgson at center line.

40 min...Border Stars Marcus Chorvat GOAL...WBS Jason Hamilton takes 35 yard cross from left that's saved from going over end line on right by WBS Radek Papiez and he chips goalie Arthur Zalslavski from 12 yards and Chorvat has a 4 yard tap-in all alone on left side of net.

76 min...Astros Dawid Ahtonczyk GOAL...Astros Jean Tshimpaka had go a 40 yard run up the middle from his own side of center and he passes to right to Astros Adeyinka Tijani crosses from 15 yards on right end line and Ahtonczyk chests down ball 7 yards on left and puts shot in low on left side of net beating goalie Anthony Santilli.

Final Score:.........North York Astros..........1.............Windsor Border Stars............1............

Attendance was about 60 on this mild evening with twilight settling in before the game started.

The Border Stars came to town with only one substitute listed, Hussein Sabra, and he never came into the game if he was here at all. The Astros had listed a full seven subs although I only saw them bring in three of them. This would be a contest of the ten men Astros bringing in key substitutes and wearing down the tiring Border Stars. I asked team owner/midfielder why they came to Toronto short of players once again. Work...school...etc. Leading scorer Aaron Byrd was working out of town and couldn't make the game.

Three minutes before their goal, the Astros had four corner kicks in quick succession that the WBS kept conceding corner kicks to relieve the pressure. Jean Tshimpaka had some good runs when he came in during the second half for the Astros. The Astros also brought in their MVP last year and cover boy for their glossy annual magazine Alex Braletic in the second half because I heard he arrived late for the warm up. Still the last chance of the game went to the Border Stars at 91 minutes when a WBS player took a 22 yard freekick from the left and a leaping WBS Marcus Chorvat in alone headed wide right from 7 yards.

Astros defense of Glajdi Limuci, Boris Krimus, captain Kurt Ramsey and Raffy Der Bedrossian limited the WBS shots on goal. Justin Marshall, Scott Patriquin, Filip Rocca and Jason Hamilton fulfilled the same roll for the Border Stars.

Astros are looking better and have had some good results later as they get ready to host the Rogers Cup playoffs coming up in three weekends. Right after this game, the Astros reserve team played the York Azzurri in an OSL game.

Rocket Robin


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