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USL D1 Playoffs - First Round [R]


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Thanks for your interest in and passion for USL soccer. As we state in every

postseason awards announcement, aside from the statistical awards these are

voted on by the league's coaches and general managers. USL at no point

nominates any individual player or coach for recognition. They are submitted

by their peers and we merely announce the finalists/winners and write the



Gerald Barnhart

Director, USL Public Relations

USL Public Relations - Gerald Barnhart / Amanda Miller - Tampa, FL -

813.963.3909 - fax: 813.963.3807

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I'm pretty sure that Lilly only has a 2 year deal...in fact I'm positive.

I've complained to the Whitecaps in person. They can have a beautiful new stadium, a TV show, great web site, radio coverage...it won't mean F**K all if they play as boring a style as they do. Bob Lilly is solely responsible for the team's failures. He's never won anything, his team twice came out with their worst halves of the season when it mattered most, and worst of all...he's American!!! What the F**K do American's know about the game?

The Province article yesterday talked about roster changes. Lilly himself said he was luke warm about Andrew Corrazza...a natural born goal machine playing for the reserves and SFU. Good looking solid kid who can play and has been pegged to go overseas. Sign him! Sell him later if you need but quit bringing in crappy fringe American rejects from Rochester!!!

F**K I'm pissed!

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Here is what I think is gonna happen, seeing that the Dooze is calling the shots, I figure "Spunge Bob" is gonna stick and they're going to choose to let go some of the veterans on the Squad.

The reasoning here is quite simple. I think veterans like Corazzin, Dasovic, Watson, Morris, Clarkey etx. were reluctant to buy into Lilley's system. Theses guys were thaught to play "west coast" offensive style of play, and in walks The Spunge asking to change all that. It might be easier for some of the younger guys to buy into the system, but to late for the vets. So I expect a mix of young(er) players like Cucca, Jordan,Valente Klein, etc and some americans that Lilley has coached before.

I just hope someone with some insight steps in (maybe the owner), cause it would be a shame to let everything go to waste.

oh by the way go impact[8D]

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