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Big Game in Sao Paulo today

Canuck Oranje

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Today is Independence Day in Brazil. More important for Paulistanos is that it is game day between Corinthians and Sao Paulo FC.

When living less than 3km away from Morumbi stadium as I have these past few weeks, One gets the sense that this game is bigger than last weekend´s Brazil-Chile Match. The TV hype was already happening on Friday with a TV crew interviewing fans on both sides and by the ticket booths at the stadium. This continued over the weekend as lineups could be seen when driving by. Also the street vendors were in full force already on the weekend selling shirts and other team souvenirs.

By game time, I am sure the traffic here will be horrendous so it will probably be best just to watch the game on TV and stay off the streets.

As for the two teams, Corinthians seem to be getting their act together while Sao Paulo FC still hasn´t been functioning well since winning the Copa Libertadores. While the stadium belongs to Sao Paulo FC, I doubt that there is any home field advantage in this game.

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