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Voyageurs Cup Match 5: Toronto vs. Vancouver [R]


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<center>Voyageurs Cup 2005

Match 5

Toronto Lynx vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

Friday, September 2, 2005 - 8:00 PM EDT

Centennial Park Stadium, Toronto



Radio & Audio Webcast:

TEAM 1040 AM Vancouver



[*]The winner, or Vancouver in the case of a scoring draw, will clinch second place in the Voyageurs Cup. (In the case of a 0-0 draw, this will have to wait until the final match.) [Note that Toronto have finished in second place every year so far.]



   »  VC:  0-1-2  1-3  1  (3rd place)  /  USL D1:  3-8-13  24-41  17  (12th place)

   »  Lynx media release - see next post


   »  VC:  0-1-1  0-1  1  (2nd place)  /  USL D1:  11-9-5  36-19  42  (3rd place)



[*]Results at Toronto:

   »  July 19, 2002 - Toronto 1 Vancouver 0

   »  August 8, 2003 - Toronto 0 Vancouver 1

   »  August 7, 2004 - Toronto 2 Vancouver 0

[*]»  Record at Toronto: Toronto 2-0-1 Vancouver

   »  Record overall: Toronto 3-2-2 Vancouver

Voyageurs Cup


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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 (TORONTO, ON) - The Toronto Lynx will play their final two home matches of the 2005 season this weekend when they welcome the Vancouver Whitecaps on Friday, September 2nd at 8pm before wrapping up their home schedule on Labour Day Monday, September 5th at 4pm versus the Minnesota Thunder. The Lynx will conclude their 2005 season with a 2-game road trip to Puerto Rico for matches versus the Islanders on Friday, September 9th at 8pm and Sunday, September 11th at 5pm.

The Lynx will kickoff the weekend by welcoming their Canadian rival, the Vancouver Whitecaps for the annual Lynx East Meets West Night presented by Lynx media partner, World Journal and broadcast live on Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Sports World Canada. The match will feature dynamic entertainment demonstrations from Cantai Kung Fu and Northern Legs Southern Fists Dragon Dancers as well as VIP, Dr. Ming Tat Cheung, President of the Chinese Cultural Centre of Toronto, who will be on hand to perform the ceremonial kickoff. On the field, the Lynx will be looking for their first victory in 8 matches after conceding late equalizers to Puerto Rico and Virginia Beach in their last two matches. Striker, Said Ali, will have extra incentive as he searches for his first goal in Lynx colours. Ali was acquired from Vancouver in exchange for defender, Josue Mayard on June 17th. The Hamilton resident has been in the Lynx starting lineup for the past two matches and excels in the penalty area using his size and strength to hold the ball up for his teammates.

The match will have huge playoff implications for the Whitecaps as they currently sit in third place in the USL First Division with an 11-4-9 record. They trail the second place Rochester Raging Rhinos by 3 points but have 2 games in hand. The top two finishers in the USL First Division regular season will receive first round byes in the playoffs. Lynx fans will also have the opportunity to see the USL First Division's leading goal scorer this Friday. Whitecaps striker, Jason Jordan, has 17 goals and 3 assists in 24 matches this season and is the run away league leader in points with 37. In addition to Jordan and a loaded offense that also features former Canadian National Team players Carlo Corrazin and Martin Nash, the Whitecaps have the second best defensive record in the USL First Division. The beneficiaries of the solid defensive play have been goalkeepers, Michael Franks and Josh Wicks, who both rank in the league's top 10 in shutouts and goals against average.

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Originally posted by nbk - 09/02/2005 : 12:58:15</u>

pick goals scorers for lynx:

Huffman and fraser(menphis star). Poeple say that guy fraser is the fastest thing in the league. Huffman has skills so those are my picks. as for vancouver i don't know much about them.. final score 2-1 lynx win.

Originally posted by SeanKeay - 09/02/2005 : 13:27:15</u>

Fraser is the fastest guy in the league by far, i have seen him pass guys when they are over 5 yards infront of him and thats usually after 3 or 4 steps.

I expect a win from the lynx tonight, but thats only if said ali isnt in the game

Originally posted by Breakwood - 09/02/2005 : 14:56:13</u>

My heart says lynx win, but my mind says a draw. Lynx have a one goal lead going into the 80th minute then we give up a goal.

Originally posted by beachesl - 09/02/2005 : 14:57:39</u>

Yeah Fraser, he has a habit of scoring away in Vancouver and Calgary, at least he did for the Av's.

Originally posted by zacRWE - 09/02/2005 : 17:07:45</u>

Is Wyn playing? His ankle was messed up last game. Well if he plays I say he gets a double... just cause WERE ON TV!!!!!!

my final is 2-1 Lynx.... with Nash scoring the 'Caps lone goal.

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Field looks in pretty good shape. Bit narrow, bit short, but a pretty good surface. (Grass looks kinda long on TV). Pity about that gale blowing.

Dose Centennial Park have only the one grandstand? Looking pretty weak in the stands there...

Howard isn't actually too annoying so far. Go figure.

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Toronto 0  Vancouver 1

VAN Gjertsen 58'

While not very good, this game was at least interesting while it was 0-0, but once Vancouver scored it wasn't even that. I don't think the ball was in Vancouver's box more than a couple of times in the last half hour. The first half was relatively balanced, but Vancouver got better in the second half and really shut things down after the goal. The Lynx have usually done better than this at home, despite their record suggesting otherwise.

There was a Vancouver goal called back for offside in the first half and there was a question of offside on the goal that counted. Strangely, on TV they seemed to feel that both were good calls while on the radio they felt that both were bad calls. I couldn't tell on the first one (maybe another look would help - EDIT: no, it didn't), but the second looked alright to me.

BTW, I don't like the camera positioning that FSC always uses at Centennial. They put the main camera on the opposite side of the field from the grandstand, but that prevents them from getting it high enough to get a good view of the field. Rogers Television always put the camera on the grandstand, so it's higher up and overall looks much better.

So Vancouver finish second in the Voyageurs Cup for the first time and are now tied for second (bye in the first round of the playoffs) on points with Rochester in the USL D1, setting up a huge match between the two in Rochester on Sunday.

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Result of the Friday September 2nd, 2005 USL game between Toronto Lynx and Vancouver Whitecaps played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:00pm.

58 min...Whitecaps Joey Gjertsen GOAL...VW Carlo Corazzin kicks from 25 yards on right to VW Dave Morris who heads ball down on left side of box and Gjertsen runs forward behind defender and gets 8 yard shot from the right that's low and into left side of net beyond goalie Theo Zagar.

Final Score:............Toronto Lynx...........0..............Vancouver Whitecaps...............1..............

Attendance was announced in the press box but not over the PA system as 1587 on this warm evening with a strong gusty wind from the north. (I'd estimate maybe 1200 fans).

Joey Gjertsen had been called offside more than any other players in the first half. Kevin Harmse had a header into the Lynx goal from 4 yards at 17 minutes but the play was called back on an offside call. Gjertsen was on a 2 on 0 at 76 minutes but the goalie forced him wide right and his 12 yard shot was into the outside right webbing of net.

The wind played a factor in this game as many of the balls played by the Whitecaps in the first half bounced through to Lynx goalie Theo Zagar. In the second half that was reversed but the Lynx couldn't take advantage. The lesson tonight should have been to keep the ball near the ground so it wouldn't be affected by the wind. Whitecaps goalie Josh Wicks earned the shutout making a few routine saves. Lynx strikers Said Ali and Sean Fraser made way for Dave Simpson and Sita-Taty Matondo in the second half but it didn't make a difference. The Lynx now haven't won in eight games.

Referee Domenic Scali only game out one card tonight and that was to Lynx Dave Simpson at 80 minutes for dissent. Whitecaps were disappointed not to get two Penalty calls on sliding tackles from Lynx defenders.

The Whitecaps sat out some of their starters as they'd just finished playing Montreal Impact on Wednesday and have another game coming up tomorrow vs. Rochester Raging Rhinos. Starting goalie Mike Franks has a fractured wrist that he picked up against Minnesota. The USL's leading scorer with 17 goals, Jason Jordan, was listed as a substitute but was not brought into the game. I had expected with the Lynx holding a lead in their last two games but letting it slip away, the Whitecaps would put all their starters in at the beginning, build up a big lead, then put in their subs later in the game. However the team does rest some players that will important in their game against Rochester as if they can finish second, they get a first round bye in the playoffs.

This game was being broadcast on Fox Sports World. It's the only time this season that a Lynx game has been telecast on this network. Lynx final home game is Monday, Labour Day at 4:00 pm against Minnesota Thunder.

Rocket Robin


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quote:Originally posted by Krammerhead

Interesting comment by the radio crew that when FSW is doing games the games are usually poor (true).

I heard that as well. I haven't seen the majority of matches, but from what I have seen, I would agree.

quote:Originally posted by Rocket Robin

This game was being broadcast on Fox Sports World. It's the only time this season that a Lynx game has been telecast on this network.

It's the only time so far, but next week's match at Puerto Rico will also be on FSC/FSWC (their last broadcast before the playoffs).
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quote:Originally posted by DJT


BTW, I don't like the camera positioning that FSC always uses at Centennial. They put the main camera on the opposite side of the field from the grandstand, but that prevents them from getting it high enough to get a good view of the field. Rogers Television always put the camera on the grandstand, so it's higher up and overall looks much better.

I agree but what can you do. They can't very well but a game on continent wide TV with a bank of grass instead of a crowd. If they had the budget, a scaffold or scissor lift on the east side as a camera platform would help a bit.

They used to do the same thing at Varsity (as did Sportsnet) and it was not as good as shooting off the main stand but it was better than the berm at Centennial.

The other problem is that as the sun sets in the west (a revelation to be sure), the players are being lit up from the opposite side of the cameras.

Generally, nobody like to shoot an evening sports event from the east side for that reason. Lots of shadowed faces. It looks like crap but again, they didn't really have much of an option.


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Not wanting to be nit picker but being one anyway...

I believe they are called scissor lifts. Skyjack is the name if the company.

When you google "Skyjack" this is the quote from their website...

"Quality and reliability are the hallmarks that have given Skyjack a solid reputation as the manufacturer of the best scissor lifts in the world."

Much like Kleenex is the name of the company and the product is tissue.

I promise to refrain from being anal for the rest of the day.

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quote:Originally posted by Rocket Robin

I saw three cameras on a scissor lift each. (If that's what what those carts are that lift up and down are called).

Most of the game was played in the dark. It's practically dark by 8:00pm now as we get closer to the Fall.

I recall that they used to call the games from the press box at Varsity when the cameras were on the other side. That was very confusing for the commentators as left and right were reversed for the viewers. Perhaps that is why they didn't do it from the other side. If they had the facilities, obviously they could have done it.

I guess we'll have to ask Dave Boulton, if he's still producing the games for the league.


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