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2 goals for Uccello Coppa Italia 3 - 0 match


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Julian Uccello continues to add his scoring touch in really his first appreance as a starter for Monte Sansovino in thier 3rd match game In Coppa Italia playing last year C1 team (Prato), Sansovino defeated them by a score of 3 - 0. Julian Uccello started and played 75 minutes was sub out with a cramp could have scored 2 other goals but crossbars are part of goalie equipment.

Great start for this for his first game at home in front of his home crowd which loved his proformance today.

Next game Sunday August 28

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quote:Originally posted by Luis_Rancagua

Alberto, is there one particular website from Italy where I could get information of all the Series A B C D???

Well heere are some I use but in most cases you require a VIP or press pass security number however here are some that are avaiable for all and does not require a log in number.

http://www.tuttalac.it C1 clubs and C2 also Market and Transfers

http://www.calciocampano.com C1 & C2 news and Serie D news





http://www.calciodieccellenza.it serie D and lower clubs

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