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Victor Oppong


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Guys, it does appear that Canadian fans have totally forgotten about Victor Oppong. I haven't. I would doub it very much that Frank Yallop will ever call him for National duties as a result that he plays in the lower leagues in Germany.

I was going over his record with his present club Waldhof Mannheim of the German lower league Oberliga Baden-Württemberg. I am very puzzled by Oppong's status given the fact that many of his colleagues such as Ali Gerba, Lars, Grande, Reda, Friend, etc... have now moved on to better prospects in Sweden or Norway. I was wondering why he has not accepted any offers from those Scandinavian countries. The guy is already 23-year old and is expected to turn 24 this coming September.

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quote:Originally posted by redhat

Hey Luis, a suggestion for you. Why not set up a thread on Canadian "where-are-they-nows"?

Like what happened to : Bernard Ouassa, Jason Bent, Joey Torchia, Holger Osieck, etc. ?

Actually redhat, this is a good idea. I am 100% for it. It appears that these players have faded away so suddenly, and WE</u> the fans have a right to know. I really hate this secrecy ban such as: Oh!!! I can't tell you where he is right now because we need to respect his privacy. This is so baloney.
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