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CPSL Week 15 Results

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(from an Internet Cafe until I get a new modem to replace mine fried in the thunderstorm in Toronto on Friday).

Result of the Thursday August 18, 2005 CPSL game between Oakville Blue Devils and Vaughan Shooters played at Pine Glen Field in Oakville at 8:30pm. This game was orginally scheduled to be played at Bronte Stadium at 8:00pm but was moved because of a wet field.

4 min...Shooters Angelo Pollastrone GOAL...Pollastrone makes a great run on the left which included him deking a sliding tackle by a defender. He rolled the ball back through the center and his low 10 yard shot is into the right corner of the net behind goalie Sa Bahima Traore.

31 min...Shooters Jason DeThomasis GOAL...Stalin Cardenos gives a short pass at from center line to DeThomasis who gets ball at 45 yard and he holds off defender on long run and 25 yard low shot is into low center of net over sliding goalie.

45 min...Shooters DeThomasis cross from left has Cardenos break through (offside?) and he's pulled down in box by defender. Referee Amato DeLuca awards a penalty kick as no offside call was given.

46 min (injury time)...Shooters Darryl Gomez GOAL...Gomez penalty kick involved a long run up and he blasted ball into left corner of net.

Attendance was about 50 people for those who obeyed the cardboard sign on the fence at Bronte Stadium. Good thing I brought my road atlas (although if I was from this town maybe it's a mainstay).

This field Pine Grove is a complex now surrounded by subdivisions of about four or five full size fields with a playground. (yeah, yeah...more people watching the teenage girls' game than watching this game). Only limit right now is the dressing rooms and washrooms are like truck trailers dropped off until something more permanent can be built. Blue Devils may have this place bubbled under with a roof (well one field anyway) and play here next year. The field was in excellent condition although it was wet but well drained.

Blue Devils just didn't have it tonight. There defense was back in manpower from injuries from the last game I saw against London City but their forwards weren't moving up. Coach Duncan Wilde was constantly yelling for them to move up. When awarded a freekick at the center line, there were often six men behind the ball. I suspect they were afraid to be caught in the fast break. Although the coach made three subs at halftime replacing his upfront players of Gabriel Pop, Igor Prostran and Ian Sinclair with Bartek Ostaszewski, Daccobert Paul and Paul Speakman, the changes didn't make any difference. Shooters goalie Brian Bowes earned the shutout without having to do much. Only player Shooters had to worry about was Jason DeThomasis who often stayed in the midfield and didn't run into the box often enough. Hey both these comments were actually from the coaches as the game went on! This was the return of Stalin Cardenos after a long injury.

Friday's game of Durham Storm vs Toronto Croatia was not played because of the after-effects of the storm (as in nature's storm). I took a chance with my computer and telephone knocked out that was an omen not to drive one hour to Oshawa.

Saturday's game of Toronto Supra vs Laval Dynamites (the only CPSL team I haven't seen this year) was also postponed by the wet field. It would have been nice if there'd been a sign posted about that fact but with chains around the gate 30 minutes before the start, I got the idea. I had cut my visit to the Canadian National Exhibition short to get there and missed the band "PreConfused" play in a Battle of the Bands show. I had no idea they were there until the father/manager of the lead singer came over and said hello. (USL Toronto Lynx fans will have seen this band entertain the crowds). Back on the subway for a quick detour home and then a ride to play NTN trivia at my favourite pub. Knowing the Beach Boys early hit "Surfin' USA" was the same tune as Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little Sixteen" helped me place 10th in North America out of 8500 players. Yeah ROCKET Robin!!!

So Toronto Lynx game later today...

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