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GolTV ― I need your help badly!!!!!!!!


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Dear fellow Voyageurs. I am writing this e-mail because at this moment I need your support so badly. My television provider happens to be Look Television. So far, they have not giving me no assurances as to whether they will air GolTV channel this coming October. I've already forward them an e-mail with regards to this matter, and their response has been: a waite and see situation. I was wondering if everyone here at Voyageur could rally to this cause by e-mailing Look Television and request that the television network airs GolTV this coming October. At least we could make them realise that soccer is worth investing in. By the same token, I would always rally to a fellow Voyageur if he/she ever needed my support or help on something of this matter. In fact, I always been involved in special petitions here at Voyageur. So come-out, and let's all do it for a worthy cause.

Here are some e-mails of Look Television: residential-service@look.ca, residential-sales@look.ca, media@team.look.ca


Here's what I wrote to them so far:

To whom it may concern,

I have been a Look Television customer for nearly 7-years. I have been enormously content with your amazing services.

The reason why I am writing to you is because it has been recently announced by the CRTC that they have given the green light to the international soccer channel "GolTV". This is a new TV channel that brings live and complete in-depth coverage of the world's most exciting soccer games from all around the world broadcast 24-hours a day for soccer fans across Canada. The channel is expected to go on the air on October/2005, and I was wondering if Look TV is expected to add this channel to their repertoire of other channels.

Here's the official website of GolTV: http://www.goltvcanada.com/


Luis Rancagua

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