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Toronto stadiun update

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Article states that stadium will cost $50m. $35m is coming from the Feds and Province. Figure City will throw in another $5 or so. That leaves $10m from the private sector. So if MLSE is willing to commit $20m (10m for stadium + 10m MLS expansion fee), we have a stadium.

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Still too much is being left up in the air for my own liking. Here's the article.

Ex site for soccer stadium: Pantalone



The Canadian Soccer Association and the city of Toronto agree that Exhibition Place is the best spot for a stadium for the 2007 under-20 world soccer championship. But the city is still waiting for the blessing of the federal government, Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone said yesterday.

"The CSA and the city believe the Ex would be the most successful place for attendance and for the fans," Pantalone said in a telephone interview. "We have had very intense meetings (with the CSA) and my understanding is our position has been communicated to (MP) Joe Volpe's office and others in the federal government in very clear terms."

Pantalone said there's nothing on paper between the city and the CSA but that the two sides have a "general understanding" that the Ex is the site.

His comments yesterday are the first indication that the CSA, which is keeping a tight lid on its plans, has finally chosen a site for the 20,000-seat stadium, which could cost $50 million.

There's been talk of a facility in Downsview, and Oakville also has made a pitch for a stadium.

Pantalone also said for the first time yesterday that the city would be willing to put an undetermined amount of cash into the project. But he said it's all dependent on the federal government handing over the $28 million it pledged for the stadium when it was first proposed at the University of Toronto, then York University. The province also is supposed to kick in $7 million.

Steven Heckbert, Volpe's director of communications, said yesterday that the federal money likely will be available no matter where in the GTA the CSA decides to place the stadium.

"I don't know where those (Exhibition Place) rumours are coming from," he said. "But we have made a commitment to the Canadian Soccer Association that, if they find a group that is willing to build a stadium, with additional funding, that we would be there with federal funds for them."

with files from Jordan Heath-Rawlings

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