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Role model for us

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Well the link below made me very envious of our colonial cousins. Looks like Reebok is sponsoring the entire league.

Seeing that the A-League website is hosted on the Australian Soccer Federation website, it seems as though the league was launched with the help of the governing body there.

Can't understand why the CSA does not get its hand dirty in a similar fashion. The A-League looks to be a good model for Canada to follow.



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Guest HamiltonSteelers

The A-League model is an interesting one, but they have a few key things going for them that Canada does not:

1) A national association who is trying to grow the game's awareness

2) Borne out of a former national league in disarray. Though I'm sure arguements can be made about the CPSL's disarray but some of the mandates of moving away from nationalist teams (the NSL had two Croatian teams, an Italian team, at least one Greek team) shook up alot of structure, but it wasn't enough

3) Geography. Sure most of the teams are on the east coast, but Perth was by far the best supported team in the NSL with crowd averages well over 10,000.

4) Corporate backing. Again, there might be corporate backing in Canada for such a competition, but if no one is looking for it, then we'll never find it.

5) Higher profile. Soccer has a bigger place in television and in newspapers in Australia than here, and have often acknowledged the domestic game.

That being said, if there is a blueprint to knock-off, it's alot more palatable than the MLS model.

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quote:Originally posted by Massive Attack

Attendances ranging from 1,800 to 8,000 for the first 4 games in their pre-season tournament are hardly anything to get excited about.

Well, at least they're trying.

Qualifying tournament for the WCC with most games being played in Gosford drew reasonable crowds earlier on.

Off to a good start.

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