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CPSL Week 11

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Result of the Sunday July 24th, 2005 CPSL game between Vaughan Shooters and St Catharines Roma Wolves played at The Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:00pm.

43 min...Shooters Desmond Humphrey GOAL...Humphrey is given through ball on left from 45 yards and he races in and takes 18 yard shot from even with left post that's into top right corner of net behind goalie Claudio Perri.

64 min...Shooters Jason DeThomasis GOAL...Shooters Cameron Medwin runs down right and low cross for DeThomasis at 10 yards out and his low blast is into right side of net.

69 min...Shooters Chris Turner GOAL...Shooters Jason DeThomasis has clear shot from 12 yards on left but he passes over to middle and Wolves defender intercepts but Turner gains possession and rolls in 5 yarder.

78 min...Shooters Desmond Humphrey GOAL...Humphrey is touched a pass on edge of box and his 15 yard shot is blasted into the top of net just under bar.

85 min...Shooters Sean Myers GOAL...Shooters Wilson Hugo rushes up left and crosses into box for Myers to lean into 8 yard header into top right corner of net.

Final Score:.......Vaughan Shooters...........5.............St Catharines Roma Wolves...................0............

Attendance was around 80 including ball boys. The threat of rain probably cut into any walk up crowd. The only rain that actually fell in the game was about five minutes of mist that fell in each half. The real rain started after the game ended.

The game was predictable in that the Wolves had no bench strength so faded badly in the second half while the Shooters could keep bringing in fresh players. Midfielder Geoffrey Attard said after the game the Wolves heard just before they loaded into their bus that two of their players were suspended by the league for an accumulation of yellow cards. Goalie Claudio Perri was lucky not to earn a Red card one minute after the first goal when he came out for a through ball and he pulled down a Shooters player at 22 yards but the player was running back for the ball with his back against the net so a Yellow is all that was callled by referee Michael Winstanley.

Like the last game I saw the Shooters play, Jason DeThomasis scored again. Given enough chances just like the last time he'll score on about every eighth chance he gets. This game also he was not the only one who was way off target with his shots. Shooters players hit about three posts and bars or this could have been a blowout much earlier. Brian Bowes earned the shutout for the Shooters with him making a few routine saves but being almost untested for most of the second half. Desmond Humphries was the best player of the game as he was just that touch faster than anyone else on the field and could run up the wings ahead of defenders and teammates too.

Not that the Shooters weren't powerful enought but head coach Carmine Isacco answered my question about the absense of forward Joey Todaro. He broke his ankle in their game against Toronto Supra and will be out until the end of August or September. Isacco was also named the coach of the University of Toronto soccer team and expects he'll have enough time to carry out both responsibilities without any time problems.

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