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Voyageurs Cup Match 3: Montreal vs. Toronto [R]


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<center>Voyageurs Cup 2005

Match 3

Montreal Impact vs. Toronto Lynx

Sunday, July 24, 2005 - 4:00 PM EDT

Claude-Robillard Sports Complex, Montreal

Radio & Audio Webcast:

CJAD 800 AM Montreal (English language)


CKAC 730 AM Montreal (French language)



[*]If Montreal win then Toronto will be mathematically eliminated from the possibility of winning Voyageurs Cup 2005.

Match Previews


   »  VC:  1-0-0  1-0  3  /  USL D1:  9-5-0  20-6  32

   »  Impact media release


   »  VC:  0-1-1  0-1  1  /  USL D1:  3-5-9  20-30  14


Head-to-Head 2002-2005

[*]VC results at Montreal:

   »  August 7, 2002 - Montreal 1 Toronto 2

   »  July 16, 2003 - Montreal 2 Toronto 3

   »  June 20, 2004 - Montreal 1 Toronto 1


[*]»  VC at Montreal: Montreal 0-1-2 Toronto

   »  Non-VC at Montreal: Montreal 3-1-0 Toronto

   »  Overall at Montreal: Montreal 3-2-2 Toronto

[*]»  Overall VC: Montreal 4-2-1 Toronto

   »  Overall non-VC: Montreal 4-2-1 Toronto

   »  Overall: Montreal 8-4-2 Toronto

Voyageurs Cup


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quote:Originally posted by Free kick

The announcers kept mentioning that this is Gerba has played his last game with the Impact and will be off to Sweden. No mention of the the name of the club

The Swedish club is Sundsvall, currently third to last in the league.

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quote:Originally posted by JKCanada

The Swedish club is Sundsvall, currently third to last in the league.

I find it very hard to believe that this is a step up. I guess the only thing is that he is in Europe so gets more potential exposure. Cause I'm sure the last place teams in Sweden get a lot of coverage in England, Germany, Italy, etc.

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quote:Originally posted by Free kick

Dear CJAD announcers,

Please talk less and describe the game more :(

Dear fellow Voyageurs,

Please talk about Gerba less and describe the game more!

Seriously, I just got here and I can't find anything about the match other than the final score on any site! Okay, I don't expect too many details, but at least I'd like to know the times of Montreal's goals and who scored them.

Any chance that someone recorded the broadcast? Blue & White Army?

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If you really wanted to know time of goals etc...

For Immediate Release

Toronto Lynx Game Report

Presented by Carlsberg

Lynx Come Close in Montreal

Date: July 24, 2005

Venue: Claude Robillard Stadium, Montreal, Quebec

Attendance: 12 885

Kick Off Time: 4:00 PM EST

Final Score: Montreal 2 Toronto 1

Match Summary:

The Toronto Lynx continnued their USL First Division campaign this afternoon, dropping a 2-1 result to the defending champions Montreal Impact in front of 12 885 fans at Claude Robillard Stadium in Montreal.

Toronto took the lead 30 minutes in through Joe Mattachione's free kick that beat Montreal goalkeeper Greg Sutton. Mattachione's strike was the lone goal of the half, and it was 1-0 to Toronto at halftime.

Montreal took a more offensive posture in the second half and snatched an equalizer in the 52nd minute. Ze Roberto connected with Ali Gerba's pass to make it 1-1 early in the second half. Montreal continued to press and took the lead in the 72nd minute when Mauro Biello slotted home Ali Gerba's pass to give the home side the lead. That goal proved to be the winner, and it was 2-1 to Montreal after 90 minutes. Montreal outshot Toronto 15-4 in the second half.

Joe Mattachione picked up his first goal of the season this afternoon, and made his first start since returning from a lengthy injury layoff. Mauro Biello scored the winning goal again this afternoon, just as in Montreal's 1-0 victory in Toronto two days ago. Former Lynx striker Ali Gerba picked up two assists this afternoon. Montreal outshot Toronto 24-9, forcing Lynx 'keeper Theo Zagar into making 9 saves.

Lynxsoccer.com spoke with Lynx Head Coach Hubert Busby Jr. after the game. "It was a tough week for us with four games in eight days. We didn't execute the way we should have and that resulted in tonight's score."

Today's result drops the Lynx to 12th place in the USL First Division, with a record of 3-10-5. Montreal remains unbeaten this season with a record of 10-0-5, and move into first place.

Toronto's next match is Wednesday July 27th in Seattle against the Sounders. Kickoff is set for 10:00 PM EST.

Notes: Toronto entered today's match with a record of 3-9-5, while Montreal was 9-0-5. Toronto had an all-time record of 9-17-4 (3-10-3 in Montreal) against Montreal prior to today's encounter. Toronto an Miontreal had already faced each other three times this season, with Montreal winning twice, and one game ending in a draw. The last match between both clubs ended 1-0 to Montreal two days ago.

Final Score: Montreal 2 Toronto 1


Toronto: Zagar, Titus, Henry, Arango, Francois (Fraser 76), Dodds, Mattachione (Munthali 67), DiPlacido, Matondo (Williams 58), Ali (Belotte 70), Gbeke

Montreal: Sutton, Gervais, Pizzolitto, Braz (Fronimadis 65), Lyssand (Vincello 65), Grande, Roberto, Mert (Fukusawa 70), Ribeiro (Kolic 61), Biello, Gerba (Leduc 75)

Cautions: Toronto: Dodds 53

Ejections: None

Shots: Montreal 24, Toronto 9

Saves: Montreal 5, Toronto 9

Fouls: Montreal 12, Toronto 12

Scorers: Toronto: Mattachione (unassisted) 30 Montreal: Roberto (Gerba) 52, Biello (Gerba) 73

The Toronto Lynx' next game is in Seattle against the Sounders on July 27th at 10:00 PM EST.



416-251-4625 ext. 30


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I was at the game on Sunday so here are my impressions concentrating a bit on the Lynx as their fans did not see the game. First of all the game was a real sell out not just a paper one as the stadium was full. There were a fair number of empty seats on the other side (probably free tickets whose owners didn't show) but this was by far outnumbered by the overflow crowd sitting on the grass at both ends. I myself only got in because I bought a ticket from a scalper (there are always guys scalping free tickets before every Impact game). The box office was closed and had a sold out sign on it. Certainly an abnormality to attend a sold out soccer match in Canada. On the negative side this was probably the quietist 13000 crowd I have ever experienced with the exception of the Ultras. They only came alive when the guy shooting free t-shirts into the crowd comes along. It is too bad that we can't get at least some of the crowd to sing along with us as it would certainly make CCR much more intimidating to play in.

The Lynx are a vastly improved team compared to their last game in Montreal despite them losing this time and tieing last time. The Lynx now have subs of superior quality to some of the starters from the last game. During the earlier game the Lynx played with 11 back and could hardly string a couple of passes together to move the ball up the field. This time the Lynx were able to control the ball and move it forward throughout the game. The possession and attack was fairly even between the two teams. The shots on goal stats are a bit misleading as many of the Impact shots were from a distance and two metres above or wide of the net.

The first half was fairly even but the better chances were from the Lynx. Mattachione's goal was a beauty probably the best goal I have seen at CCR this year. It was from a free kick from about 25 metres and it was a rocket right to the corner that was unstoppable. The Impact were unable to mount much of an attack before the half. In fact the best missed chance of the game also fell to the Lynx, a free kick was headed onto the inside of the post and then another Lynx player corralled the rebound and took a hard shot but an Impact defender managed to clear it at the line.

The Impact were better in the second half but the game was still fairly even. Both goals resulted more from defensive breakdowns by the Lynx than great attacking skill on the Impact's part (though the Lynx defence was otherwise quite strong). Until the second Impact goal the Lynx seemed to be confident of getting at least one point and seemed to sag a bit afterwards. With about 15 minutes to go the CCR sprinklers conveniently turned on causing a long stoppage. Time was added on at the end but as usual in soccer I don't think it was quite equal to the time lost. In the end it was a bit of a lucky victory for Montreal as a 1-1 result might have been more just.

It is too bad that the Lynx didn't have their present lineup together at the end of the season as I think they would definitely be in a playoff spot. Unlike the earlier game, although Montreal was slightly better there was no large difference in quality between the teams. Hopefully the Lynx can keep this lineup together going into next year. I know I will run afoul of his fans on this site but the only position where I thought the Lynx were worse than in their last game was at keeper. This is the first time I have seen Zagar play and I have to say I was not very impressed although I don't think he was at fault on either goal. Everyone can have a bad game but he exhibited many weaknesses in his technique which I don't think were due to having a poor game. He was very shaky handling the ball and let out many unneccessary rebounds (one of the goals was a rebound though maybe a tough ball to hold) that the Impact did not capitalize on. He positioning is very suspect and he is often caught out, his kicking is lacking and he is a very slow runner when he has to come out to challenge. Nor did he convincingly control the box on corners. I was far more impressed with Goddard when he started and I think he should be the starter. Gbeke seemed to be a decent striker but his work ethic didn't impress me much. He never came back to help the mids and if he was knocked down he would lie there for a minute. Belotte seemed decent during the short time he was on the field as did Williams. I thought Titus was much better as a defender than as mid where he played in the earlier game.

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Zagar is a much better keeper then Goddard... dont get me wrong Goddard is a decent shot stopped but has way to much trouble in the air and doesnt command the box like Zagar, plus zagar as of late has had some great games. Hes back being sexier then ever!

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I don't think the wind was much of a factor. It was strong enough to keep the spectators a bit cool in a hot sun but I don't remember it affecting play very much or changing the path of any shots.

Sean, as I have said this is the first time I have seen Zagar but he was certainly not controlling the box on Sunday. This is admittedly not one of Goddard's strengths either but the rest of his game seemed much stronger than Zagar's. There was a very noticeable difference in quality between Zagar and Sutton on Sunday in positioning, decision making, controlling the box, not getting caught off your line (the Impact could have had two goals if they had lobbed the ball better over Zagar), not letting out rebounds and general confidence with the ball.

quote:Hes back being sexier then ever!

Maybe you are letting your experience of his technique in other endeavors influence your opinion of his soccer abilities![:X]

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To add fuel to the mix the best keeper is currently finalizing trials in Europe and making a name for himself in the MISL.Brian Rowland is quicker, more agile,commands the box with authority, reads the game better and distributes the ball more effectively than either of the current Lynx keepers. I understand that on advise he has not signed an outdoor contract in order to keep the way clear for U.K. possible transfers

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