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Brampton Stallions? Laughing stock with no respect


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Taken from "thunder" forum,

Hamilton 2 : Brampton 2

Posted on Friday, July 22 @ 00:11:42 EDT by steelers

The first game after the pasting of last Sunday, the Hamilton Thunder have a great deal to prove. Can they bounce back from a 5-1 trouncing? Will the new acquisitions improve the team? Tonight, the Brampton Hitmen seemed to do absolutely everything to delay the progress of the game, including being late for the opening lineups.

The opening lineups had us busting in a fit of laughter when we heard that Brampton had a player named "Julius Caesar". We were introduced to three new players : Matt DiGuglielmo, Cosmo Barbero and Lecky Kadian. Kadian arrived only a few hours before game time. Cosmo and Matt didn't get any game time, but in due time.

Brampton opened the scoring in the 14th minute when their #10 potted one after the refs blew and offside that should've called the play dead, but only proceeded to result in a goal for the Hitmen. Bennett responded two minutes later by catching the defenders off guard, streaking down the right hand side and slotting home a low ball into the left side of the net. An outstanding response and an offensive manouvre. A 20th minute free kick taken by Dzepina looped into the box and a napping Brampton defence let Kitizawa get free to pot the go-ahead goal.

Kadian's debut had the Thunder offence behaving like they should, menacing. Kadian was a thorn in the Brampton backfield all night long, but the theatrics from Brampton keeper Roy Blanche was the beginning of the exhibition that was the "Hitmen School of Diving". In the 35th, Kadian broke through on the right side with a loose ball headed towards goal, bringing Blanche off his line. Losing the foot race and the ball, Blanche collapsed to the ground after looking around to where the ball went. Five minutes later, the game resumed. Four minutes after that, Blanche hit the ground again from some mystery injury again. Another 3 minute lapse, he got up. The reserve keeper was warming up, but that was for display. After a two minute injury time, we came upon half time.

A plea to the audience to bring pots and pans for next Thursday's game against the dreaded London City for "Everything Including The Kitchen Sink Night 2". BHTC_Mike did a demonstration. Steelers worked the microphone. An U-12 team liked the noise we were making. Just before the start of the half, the BHTC's numbers swelled past 30 when the U-12 side joined the shenanigans.

The second half had more than its fair share of blown calls going both ways. It was definitely more exciting than usual. Our midfield was playing outstanding and we had a great deal of the last-third of the field play. Bennett was making some solid runs, Real was seeing his role of centre-forward actually be valid since we now have a proper striker to play infront of him. This Hamilton was unlike any other Hamilton squad we've seen all season. More back and forth play, exciting charges, and attempts on net that were actually threatening (even if Blanche didn't stop much). In the 82nd minute, Brampton bagged the equalizer after Ferrari stopped the first attempt, but didn't get the handle on it. The rebound landed on the feet of a Hitmen forward and put it past a sprawling goalie, 2-2 game.

The ref seemed to get worse, allowing Brampton to use every delay tactic possible. Walking off the field in a substitution, slow setup to a free kick or goal kick. It worked as Hamilton were getting frustrated, not able to get the possession and positioning to try to pull the win out. In the embarassingly short 4 minutes of extra time, Brampton appeared to have got the game winner, only to be called back.

Thursday July 28, Hamilton v. London City. Bring noise.

Att: 452 (attendance sponsored by the Toronto Lynx school of attendance inflation)

Goals: Bennett 16', Kitizawa 20'

Cards: umm... one or two

Man of the Match: Playing a great game and a standout as a midfield general, Danijel Milojevic gets the nod. A few votes were cast in favour of Kadian for running his butt off.

Thumbs up: A better brand of soccer by the Thunder. Alot of excitement on the field with the back and forth play. The U-12 team for coming over and joining us for the second half. The Thunder for letting us do some public announcing.

Thumbs down: Roy Blanche and his diving. Canada really missed him at the world aquatic championships in Montreal. The referee for being awful. Late game frustrations by the Thunder and not keeping their heads, but that was minor.

Extra Credit: people who stood up because they hate London City.


Steelers u must have forgot then the Hitmen are gone..its the Stallions now.

What do you think the real attendance was? 250 ish?

Great report.

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Why would you say they were a laughing stock. If anything it would be hamilton loosing (because they did even though the score ended in a tie) the ref admitted to making a mistake on the last call but according to him, "What can you do now!" it should have been 3-2 for brampton.

And the two misses one by Hugo Herrera and another by the tall fellow up top, they were clear goals. According to previous posts Brampton had alot of house league players!!! Which I could agree on, and how did Hamilton not nail them? If they train 5 days a week it should have been no contest.

Brampton handed over the coaching to the previous gentleman and they only lost one game with him, and to the scotish fellow they lost 2 in a row???? Why is the question? As per the scotish fellow much respect and good disipline but in the end we all keep count because we want to win no?

The defense for brampton was very weak the two goals that were scored were do to the defense letting players get by..... When will they acquire the apropriate players? Alot of players not signed are practicisng with the team but they rather keep these so called friends of god knows who!!!!! if you know what I mean!

Goalie got injured enough times having to come out for through balls that were fairly easy to clear by the defense.

I think that the post by the hamilton thunder fan club isn't such a good reference as to game reports. I am a thunder fan but not a biased fan like the so called Hamfans! Our defense could have been much better how can it be we let two goals come in??? and we always have an excuse like the Ian Bennett injury excuse and loss to Vaughn! I so disagree he scored this time giving us the lead. Kadean a former sub for London played great, he didn't contribute to much but he hussled and gave it his all. I think he was to busy trying to fansy the goalie, but he got the message after an exchange of words.

Brampton goalie made 4 clear saves especially a great save and a rebound that we could have scored on but those are the lost opportunities that could have made the difference. We need to watch the fouls in the box our players were lucky we didnt get a card for fouls on the goalie.

In the end brampton pulled of a goal in the last minute by a poor clearance by robbie and defenders (if im not mistaken couldn't see to much) The ball was not a hand ball it hit the player in the ribs and then they rebounded with the goal. Poor call by the ref but it saved us in the end of giving up the 3 points.

If anyone is the laughing stock it would be Hamilton for loosing to brampton because in the end thats what the result was although the score doesn't show it! Lets hope we get our act together and leave this game in the past.

Up the Thunder!!!

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quote:Originally posted by kennedy

No No No. you misunderstand me. I watched this game and respect a lot of the players abilities, particular to the veterans. It is just the way the club is being managed, directed and owned, thats all. you have to admit this operation is mickey mouse.veterans and the league deserve better I think. not my intention to insult anyone. peace

is this the scotish guy. i think he wins lots of games eh


CPSL needs an iron fisted bastard who will do what it takes to make the teams become a whole lot more professional than they are today.

Rumours abound concerning Ken Dawson, the old director of the NSL all star program, but his direction and drive to improving the teams and the players of his NSL to the world stage had the Selects playing in Europe, the Carabean and the better US tournaments, and winning.

He stepped on too many toes, and was finally drumbed out of soccer by the CSA and OSA. They were ticked-off that his Selects did better at all their tournaments than the supposed provincial all star teams and for that matter the youth national programs. They fixed him by recinding the NSL charter to form the glorious OYSL under the complete control of the OSL. Ten years later and no Select Team, good stuff.

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Just for the record: That was a game that both teams can be pissed off at for not having won. Brampton because of the called back goal at the end and Hamilton because both of Brampton's goals had dodgy calls leading up to them (obvious offside missed on the first, Bennett "hand ball" on the second).

Also, with Dauda (sp?) Hamilton wins for sure. Hamilton so far:

7 games with Dauda - 4W-0L-3T, 1 goal conceded

2 games without Dauda - 0W-1L-1T, 7(and a half) goals conceded

At least we're finally scoring though and our home unbeaten streak continues (by the skin of our teeth). By my recollection the last game at the Tim that the Thunder lost was against Ottawa at the end of 2003!


p.s. What's up with the two stars over the Brampton crest? The Hitmen won the Rogers Cup two years ago but I don't remember any other trophies.

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Guest HamiltonSteelers

Hamilton's defence was nowhere near as solid as it has been, but better than the Vaughan beatings.

I would have to agree that Brampton were a bit more deserving of the win (when the score was 2-2) late in the game, but since their goals were tainted, Hamilton should've won.

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