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Bridge Assembles Players For Camp and Friendlies

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Women's Under-20 Team

Monday, July 11, 2005

Bridge Assembles 22-Players For Camp and Friendlies

Ottawa, Ontario – Canadian Women’s Under-20 Team Head Coach Ian Bridge has assembled 22-players for a camp and friendlies in Mexico City and Toluca, Mexico. The camp begins today and will end on Sunday, July 17, 2005.

The camp roster consists of a mix of Under-19 and Under-17 players.

The Under-20 team will play a friendly against Mexico on Wednesday, July 13, while the U-17’s will compete against Mexico and USA on Friday, July 15th and Saturday, July 16th respectfully.

“These are important games, especially for the U-19 group,” said Bridge. “These players will be the core of my U-20 team next year that will play qualification matches in the spring for the FIFA 2006 U-20 World Championships and hopefully compete in the final competition in Russia later in the year.”

“We have an exciting, talented group of players with several of the younger (U-17) group capable of playing up with the U-19’s. These four international matches will give all the players and staff more experience competing at a high level against our North American CONCACAF rivals; Mexico and USA.”

An added challenge for the group will be playing the games at high altitude: Mexico City is at 2300m and Toluca is at 2650m.

In January, following the FIFA Under-19 Women’s World Championship Thailand 2004, FIFA raised the age limit of players from 19 to 20. As a result, the competition will be renamed the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Championship. Additionally, the number of teams in the final round of competition will increase from 12 to 16.

Game schedule

Wednesday July 13th

Mexico U20 vs CANADA U20, Mexico City

Friday July 15th

Mexico U18 vs CANADA U18, Toluca

Saturday July 16th

USA U18 vs CANADA U18, Toluca

Camp Roster


Adams, Paige

Beckles, Vonya

Belanger, Josee

Cicchini, Amanda

Gagne, Adreanne

Iacchelli, Selenia

Jamani, Aysha

Kyle, Kaylyn

Labbe, Stephanie

Labrecque, Justine

Mailloux, Nicole

Martineau, Natalie

McNulty, Erin

Raber, Sari

Radchuck, Katie

Riverso, Loredana

Robinson, Jodi-Ann

Rushton, Robin

Schauroun, Sara

Scott, Desiree

Vanderpool, Caroline

Zurrer, Emily


Derek Wisdom, Head of delegation

Ian Bridge, Head coach

Bryan Rosenfeld, Assistant coach

Shel Brodsgaard, GK-coach

Michelle McTimoney, Doctor

Cassandra Zinkowski, Athletic Therapist


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What used to be a sure thing, winning against Mexico, it is no longer. Some blame the altitude and the heat, but heck one can always find excuses.

The CSA quotes Ian Bridge as saying:

“Although we created more goal chances than Mexico, we lacked punch in the box. This is an area we must work on; you must score goals to win games."

It sounds familiar doesn't it? if we consider the men's team problems in the Gold Cup.

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Here's all the game reports from this tour:

Women's Under-20 Team

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mexico Defeats Women's Youth Team 2-0

Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Women’s Under-20 team were defeated 2-0 by Mexico on Tuesday in Mexico City, Mexico.

Corral Charlyn scored both of Mexico’s goals in the 38th and 49th minutes. Her second was on a penalty.

“The players worked hard today considering the long travel day on Monday and the tough conditions (heat and altitude),” said head coach Ian Bridge.

“Although we created more goal chances than Mexico, we lacked punch in the box. This is an area we must work on; you must score goals to win games. Defensively we were solid but mad one mistake in the first half and they punished us. Their second half goal was a beautiful free kick that we couldn’t have done much about.”

July 12, 2005 – Exhibition

Mexico City, Mexico

Canada 0(0)

Mexico 2(1)

Goals: Mexico – Corral Charlyn (38, 49)

Canada: 1-Stephanie Labbe; 2-Caroline Vanderpool (17-Desiree Scott, 45); 3-Katie Radchuck (16-Sara Schauroun, 83); 4-Vonya Beckles; 5-Emily Zurrer; 6-Kaylyn Kyle (13-Natalie Martineau, 66); 7-Amanda Cicchini; 8-Sophie Schmidt (15-Veronique Maranda, 67); 9-Jodi-Ann Robinson (14-Selenia Iacchelli, 45); 10-Sari Raber; 11-Aysha Jamani (12-Justine Labrecque, 86); Head Coach Ian Bridge



Women's Under-20 Team

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Canada Blanks Mexico 2-0

Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Women’s Under-20 team blanked Mexico 2-0 on Wednesday in Mexico City, Mexico.

Canada took the lead in the fifth minute with a goal by Loredana Riverso.

Jodi-Ann Robinson substituted in for Riverso in the 62nd minute then doubled the score in the 80th.

“This game was an improvement over yesterday’s 2-0 loss in every department,” said head coach Ian Bridge. “The players showed great character and drive to play a second game within 24 hours at high altitude (2300 m).”

“We had more long lasting attacks and more determination around the goal while at the other end we limited Mexico to only one goal chance.”

“The players have earned a deserved break as we now move up to Toluca (2650 m).”

July 13, 2005 – Exhibition

Mexico City, Mexico

Canada 2(1)

Mexico 0(0)

Goals: Canada – Riverso (5), Robinson (80)

Canada: 1-Stephanie Labbe; 2-Caroline Vanderpool (15-Robin Rushton, 46); 3-Katie Radchuck; 4-Justine Labrecque; 5-Emily Zurrer ©; 6-Kaylyn Kyle (16-Natalie Martineau, 66); 7-Veronique Maranda (12-Desiree Scott, 35); 8-Amanda Cicchini; 9-Loredana Riverso (Jodi-Ann Robinson, 62); 10-Sari Raber (17-Vonya Beckles, 78); 11-Selenia Iacchelli (13-Aysha Jamani, 62); Head Coach Ian Bridge



Women's Under-20 Development Team

Friday, July 15, 2005

Canada Defeats Mexico 4-2

Ottawa, Ontario – Canada’s Women’s U20 Development Team defeated Mexico 4-2 in Toluca, Mexico on Friday, July 15, 2005.

Canada scored two goals in the first half; one off a corner kick by Sophie Schmidt in the 42nd minute, and the second goal from a 30 yard strike from Loredana Riverso in the 44th.

Early in the second half, the young Canadians tired quickly and the Mexican team was able to capitalize on a short corner in the 69th minute.

Aysha Jamani subbed in and replied quickly with a goal to make the score 3-1 in the 70th minute and added a second in the 75th minute.

The Mexicans got a penalty in stoppage time to close the scoring at 4-2.

“An excellent performance by the Canadian girls in tough environmental conditions of high altitude and hot weather,” said head coach Bryan Rosenfeld. “The team dominated the first half with many scoring opportunities that were denied by the Mexican goalkeeper.”

“All credit to the team in meeting all the challenges within the game and capitalizing on their scoring opportunities. We look forward to playing the USA tomorrow as it will be a tough challenge being our fourth game and only the second for the Americans. We seem to always find that extra when competing against them.”

July 15, 2005 – Exhibition

Toluca, Mexico

Canada 4(2)

Mexico 2(0)

Goals: Canada – Schmidt (42), Riverso (44), Jamani (70 , 75); Mexico- (69, 90)

Cautions: Canada – Rushton (77); Mexico (75)

Canada: 1-Stephanie Labbe (22-Erin McNulty, 46); 2-Robin Rushton; 3-Sara Schauroun; 4-Natalie Martineau (15-Justine Labrecque, 78); 5-Vonya Beckles; 6-Sophie Schmidt ©; 7-Kaylyn Kyle (14-Desiree Scott, 56); 8-Paige Adams (12-Amanda Cicchini, 55); 9-Loredana Riverso (17-Veronique Maranda, 88); 10-Nicole Mailloux (13-Aysha Jamani, 69); 11-Jodi-Ann Robinson



Women's Under-20 Development Team

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Canada Defeats USA 2-1 For Second Win in Two Days

Ottawa, Ontario – Canada’s Women’s Under-20 Development team defeated USA 2-1 on Saturday, July 16 in their final match of a triangular tournament played in Toluca, Mexico. Canada defeated Mexico 4-2 on Friday.

Jodi-Ann Robinson was pulled down in the box in the ninth minute and then converted the penalty. Canada continued to create scoring opportunities from then on but the American goalkeeper was equal to the Canadian strikers’ efforts.

In the second half, the Americans went down early to ten players after a bad foul on Aysha Jamani. Unfortunately for Canada, they were still able to score the equalizer in the 70th minute.

The Americans continued to create chances but a very tired Canadian team was able to keep the score even.

Late in the match, Canada was able to find some renewed energy and created some good opportunities late in the game with a great finish Vonya Beckles scored the game winner in the 88th minute.

“I am extremely proud of the players today,” said head coach Bryan Rosenfeld. “This was our fourth game in five days, and the players worked extremely hard for the win.”

“It was great way to end the tournament. Again, full credit to all the players for their commitment and work effort to achieve this success.”

July 16, 2005 – Exhibition

Toluca, Mexico

Canada 2(1)

USA 1(0)

Goals: Canada – Robinson (9), Beckles (88); USA-(70)

Cautions: USA-Nacher (8)

Ejection: USA-Switzer (58)

Canada: 1-Stephanie Labbe; 2-Desiree Scott; 3-Sara Schauroun; 5-Emily Zurrer ©; 6-Sophie Schmidt; 7-Amanda Cicchini; 8-Kaylyn Kyle (17-Sari Raber, 65); 9-Loredana Riverso (9-Nicole Mailloux, 76); 10-Aysha Jamani (15-Robin Rushton, 89); 11-Jodi-Ann Robinson (13- Paige Adams, 41 (14-Vonya Beckles, 81)); 12-Natalie Martineau; head coach Bryan Rosenfeld


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