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Montreal Impact Perspective


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Ciao Ragazzi

This is the view of a Montreal Impact fan. Please keep in mind

Goaler: Greg Sutton From the beautiful shores of the Hamilton Gorge (p.s. as seen on the QEW Hightway) Well I thinl Greg has nothing to be ashamed of, In short he was sufficient........Ahainst a very weak Costa Rica........I think he was adequate.

Adam Braz Defender also known as " Le Brazzz.." I think he was a pleasant surprise. He was especially impressed by his passing skills. Was a bit shakey in his coverage, but all in all handled well.

Sandro Grande: oh by the way Scoop While in Montreal, Sandro consults Hair stylist extraordinaire Massimo Grimaldi from via Peschia, In Toscana.

Patrick Leduc: That boy.......aiyyyyh Tllll Yuuuuuu Ostie he could drink the Pep........hand heeee can heat the maywessssssssssssssssssssssssss. Vive Le all the Way baby Ribbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbioiottt!!!!

Gabe Gervais an educated green colered mamal i think.....oh sorry i was talking about gabe gervais.........yeah you rhino phat phucks......to walk in when you meet my fist guido making contact with you.

Ali Gerba: Am I the only one who wouldn't mind seeing his name changed back to NGON !!! Memories between He and a very immature Ian Hume of Tranmere Fame.....I RECKON .......but alas he aint nothin but a Dog.

Thats hwat im talkin about......, and if I aint its cause it aint important........oh hell yesssss/

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