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Who would you rather see... [Can-CR R]


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...shifted to a new job?

1) Gerry Dobson? To spare us any more of his terrible announcing. He should stick to hosting Sportsnet's golf shows, since golf is a slow enough sport for him.

2) Peter Prendergast? Since he always screws over Canada. Make him a timekeeper or something.


3) Frank Yallop? Since his player selections for this tournament were pure crap, and have dug us into a terrible hole defensively going into our game against the US; and our teams are always tactically ill-prepared and undisciplined; and he continues to play our best offensive players out-of-position and then wonder why both our finishing and our defence suck; and he is constantly being tactically outmaneuvered by opposing managers. His one strength is that team morale is better under him than under Holger Osieck, so perhaps he'd be better as an assistant coach to deal with the players but working under a head coach who knows what he's doing as a tactician.

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As Craig pointed out many times, senor Prendergast has been one of the best concacaf officals outside of Canada and the US. One bad game does not make him a poor official - pity these things always seem to happen against us....

Gerry, on the other hand is nothing short of inferiating! he does not need to annouce each time possesion has moved to another Costa Rican player - take a cue from your british counterparts and let the sounds of the game take over some times....

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