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OT/ topic again.....sports leagues attendances


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Oh, alright.....I'm on holidays and I'm putting off house fixin' stuff, get over it , it's thundering and lightning anyways.(honest honey....I'm not just wasting time [8D])

But I was surfing www.kenn.com and found it interesting that MLB played 2,400 games in '04 and had almost 73,000,000 paying customers for an average of over 30,000/game and that the NFL averages over 67,000/game. Is there any leagues in the world that come close those figures?

But most interesting is the soccer numbers. The NASL basically lasted from 1967-1984 and averaged just over 10,000/game with the highest single season being 1980 at 14,400. http://kenn.com/sports/soccer/nasl/index.html

The MLS has been around since 1996 and has averaged almost 15,000/game with the highest single season being the 1st year with 17,500/game. I see an increase but with the increase in participation numbers shouldn't we see a higher increase in spectators over almost 40 years?


I'm not even going to comment on Arena Football League numbers.


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