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June 12 WYC - Canada v Syria - POST-match [R]


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<center>World Youth Championship - Netherlands 2005

First Round, Match 1Canada 1  Syria 1Sunday, June 12, 2005

11:30 AM PDT / 12:30 PM MDT / 1:30 PM CDT / 2:30 PM EDT / 3:30 PM ADT / 4:30 PM NDT / 8:30 PM local

Sportpark Willem II, Tilburg</center>


2' SYR 14-AL HAJ Majed

31' CAN 7-PETERS Jaime


49' SYR 6-AL MOSTAFA Hasan

80' SYR 11-AL ABDI Jalal





1-WAGENAAR Josh (gk)

2-RAMALHO Graham




7-PETERS Jaime <—> 55' 18-CHAROWSKI Tomek


9-GYAKI Ryan


11-DE JONG Marcel <—> 68' 12-O'NEILL Riley

14-EDGAR David


1-AL HAFEZ Adnan (gk)

4-KHALAF Abdul <—> 88' 12-AL KADDOUR Zakariya

5-AL AITONI Hamzeh


7-KAILOUNI Meaataz


13-JENYAT Aatef

14-AL HAJ Majed ©

15-NAHLOUS Samer <—> 25' 11-AL ABDI Jalal

17-DAKKA Abd


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I agree with what somone said earlier about our european-based players (Ledgerwood, Peters, Gyaki, Edgar)generally looking much better than the NA based players (Wagenaar, Peetoom, O'Niel,Rosenlund etc).

Also, I thought the two attacking substitution Mitchell made (Lombardo, O'niel) came a little late. I thought we could have won today.

That said, good job by our boys. Hope Peters isn't injured!

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I think Roselund is a cut above the other NCAA players mentioned, and in fairness to Riley O'Neill I don't think he's properly a right midfielder, where he was asked to play - he seems to be a tall centre-forward type striker. While he did have the one good chance to score, he didn't seem to be a bit slow on the other possible good chance late in the game that could have won it for us.

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Man that was depressing. We played pretty well, that's the positive I guess, but there were three points for the taking and we didn't take them. I don't get Mitchell I really don't. You have three great central defenders and you only play one of them in the center of the defence. Is Kassaye hurt? Brad Peetoom settled down well, but he (and much of the backline) looked scary in our own box early. I really wanted us to give Begovic a game in the pre-tourney run up because Wagenaar never convinced me. He never looks like getting to shot to the corners. He didn't move on the El Haj shot off the bar. For a small keeper, he's not very agile. I feel for him on the goal, it was a mis-kick, but you've got to punch that away after popping it up. I don't care if it's a free kick.

Subbing Peters out early was the modus operandi in qualifying. He left at the half against Honduras IIRC. O'Neill can't play on the wing though. He'd be fine as another forward, but he just doesn't have the quickness to generate much on the flanks. I was disappointed in some of our sub decisions and I was really blown away by putting Edgar in the midfield. He's got a nice touch and good vision and compsure . .. for a central defender. He just doesn't have the quickness, especially against a team like Syria. Great fitness though, he battled all game and seemed fresher than most (except Gyaki who has the heart of a lion) and played well, but he just seemed very out-of-position.

Just a frustrating game all around. Ledgerwood was my MOTM, but Haineault was really solid. Ramalho looked good going forward, I was impressed. Johnson did decently, but needed more support and I think it was a little bit of an off night for Rosenlund. Gyaki was strong coming back, but he really should have buried that early chance, that was probably our best chance of the game.

We need to tighten up the back a little and I hope Wagenaar responds with a big game. We need to be more potent up front too. I guess we knew that would probably be the weakness, but we had a lot of good chances and we won't get nearly that many in our next two games I would guess.



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I saw extactly the same as Sean. The substitutions were poor and ill timed. We needed three points, what good did it do to wait so long to get that extra striker in? Just like in qualifying Peters gets subbed out in the middle of an important game. What's with that. Then deJong gets subbed out. I thought that the strenght of this team all along was the play from our wingers wingers ( Peters and DeJong), yet they are both out of the match. Have to agree on Ledgerwood though, he looks like he has a bright future.

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I thought Edgar was superb in his new position, a lot of link work went through him, his possession & his passing were great & he almost scored twice on two well-taken shots (one with the foot, the other with the head) - that move made sense to me.

Anyway, I am far from depressed at not losing our first match in this tourney for the first time since.....I don't know when.

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quote:Originally posted by Gian-Luca

to me.

Anyway, I am far from depressed at not losing our first match in this tourney for the first time since.....I don't know when.

Perhaps but is doesn't get any easier now. A win here and we are through to the next round provided the goal diff can be managed properly. Managing the goal diff in the next two matches would have been much easier with three points today but instead, we will now need to win. We were the better team today and Syria doesn't look all that great. They gave us lots of space but we couldn't capitalize and thats what is frustrating. They have a superb keeper but I saw litle else in the way of organization and tactical. They reminded me of the Lybian team that our senior side faced a few years ago. Thats what is frustrating about this match. I was certain that we would win this game at about the 23rd minute even though we were down.

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Thought Edgar looked absolutely mature and composed out there. Agreed he isn't the quickest fellow, but isn't painfully slow either. He's going to be a grand centre half unfraid of moving forward or building from the back.

Legerwood on the otherhand had the advantage of playing fullback. And right 'back at that. Lots more freedom out there. His man marking is a bit dodgy I though, but offense and defense get sort of morphed together at right 'back. Great game all the same. Bit worrying for later in the tourny, but we'll see.

Damit, Peters. By half way through the 1st I was screaming for him to carry towards goal. He had the run of his defenders out there and was only contained by numbers I thought. Actually the 1st match I've seen him in where I felt he's more than earned his keep. Good show, if brief.

And how about Mitchell poaching a couple of Yanks there, eh? Johnson and Charowski wasn't it? Geezus, didn't see that coming. Johnson has got the eye that's for sure, and feet to match. Maybe he'll turn into a catalyst on this team if he can find himself in time. What about de Jong? Bit of an un-Canadian flavour in this years addition of the WYC.

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quote:Originally posted by Bertuzzi44

I agree with what somone said earlier about our european-based players (Ledgerwood, Peters, Gyaki, Edgar)generally looking much better than the NA based players (Wagenaar, Peetoom, O'Niel,Rosenlund etc).

I also agree.

Ledgerwood and Gyaki's heart/effort were great.

Was disappointed that Gyaki didn't take his shot on goal with his left foot, rather he shot off balance with his right foot resulting in a poor shot.

Wagenaar almost caused a second goal by not holding onto the ball after a nice save. On the Syrian goal, Wagenaar made two mistakes, 1) the horrible kick and 2) not reaching up for the ball before El Haj headed it.

I was expecting more from Rosenlund and Johnson after all the hype they have received.

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I too was stunned why Wagenaar didn't punch the ball away, but I now believe that it would have been an indirect free kick if he had done. I had to check the rules on this one - either of these two could apply:

An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a goalkeeper, inside his own penalty area:

• touches the ball again with his hands after it has been released from his possession and has not touched any other player;

• touches the ball with his hands after it has been deliberately kicked to him by a team-mate;

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In the last three WYC only two teams have made it through the first round with only 3 points. Both were at the last championship when Canada and Korea did so. Canada has 1 point and will need a total of 4 points to make it to the round of 16. Who will they beat? Italy or Columbia?

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I liked Edgar a lot when we had the ball, but how many balls did he win? I just don't know why we didn't play him in the middle instead of Peetoom and use Schiavoni in the midfield. Our ball skills get better at two positions. At the top level I don't think Edgar is a midfielder (and I think that's prettty obvious and not a knock on him, he looks like the kind of skillfull composed centreback we've been waiting for) so I don't know why we decided to put him there in such a key game. Or maybe he has experience there and I'm off my head.

And as for being very disappointed, I thought we'd be better than Syria, but wasn't sure. We were and didn't get three points. The ideal scenario was us beat Syria, Italy beat Syria and we play to a lifeless 0-0 draw and advance. Now we need to beat Italy (though I'd take Colombia for sure, I'm not fussy) and that will be tougher than winning today would have been. At least I assume it will be . . .



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I thought the three players from Alberta more than held their own. But the one Mitchell kept on the bench would have made all the difference. Call me a homer. Edgar looks good as does Johnson. I still am unimpressed by the hype over Peters. His goal was needed but all this talk of him going to be a superstar is wearing me down. A superstar should dominate (and go 90 minutes) against Syria.

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Things probably will be difficult from here on in - but I also think the Canadian team will get better as well, as that's a typical Canadian trait due to never having our players together for all that often prior to tournaments. The more they play together, the better they should be. And I think the nervousness factor that gave us such a shaky start in the first 10 minutes of this match & basically cost us the win will be gone by the next match (as indeed, I think it was about 15 minutes into the first half, too bad we were already behind the 8-ball).

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Since both Italy and Colombia will most likely get their 3 pts against Syria

all we will have to do is beat Italy we are thru.

look like the USA and the Nigeria group will collect 2 of the 4 best 3rd place finishers.

have we not dropped 2 pts today we would have been in the drivers seat to collect at least one of those 3rd best finishers spot

Why did we play a 4-5-1 formation against what was suppose to be the weakest team in our group and what is it with those early mental colaspe we seems to have in crucial games

at the womens u-20 we gave away a silly penalty and have our keeper sent off today another early blunder from the keeper cost us the win.

Is it the same person looking after the mental preparation of our various national teams?

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Huge mistake by Wagenaar. It's in the same category as Onstad against CR. The difference is that Wagenaar is young and he can learn from that. No reason to start another keeper for the next game since Wagenaar is the starter for this team since 2004.

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1-WAGENAAR Josh (gk) - 4/10 - Josh wasn't at his best today, as most of you stated above. His miskick may be because of nerves which is common for young players (all the U20 players at this tournament) who are being watched closely by the world, scouts, coaches, etc. Also the save he made in the first half where he didn't hold the ball really showed his game wasn't all there. I do believe Josh does deserve another chance to prove himself in the next game. Playing with both Josh and Rob (back up who plays for Glasgow Rangers)... I do believe Josh is the much better keeper. Asmir (the other backup) may be a little young to start a game... but I may be wrong. At this moment in time, if Josh has a stinker on Wednesday, then I don't know if Mitchell should be starting Rob or Asmir for the Italy game, for the fact that it'll ruin all the team chemistry for the most important game and bringing in a cold keeper for a crucial game is just stupid. So its either Josh misses next game or he should play the rest of the tournament.

2-RAMALHO Graham - 8/10 - Never have seen him play before, but I was impressed. He wasn't the fastest of players, but he did work his way up that left wing quite well. Not too many mistakes, seems pretty solid.

3-LEDGERWOOD Nik © - 9/10 - Like many of you stated... I think Nik was man of the match for Canada. Nik worked that right side perfectly in my honest opinion. It seemed he had miles of space each time he got the ball.

4-HAINAULT Andrew - 8.5/10 - Very solid at the back. Didn't really see Andrew make many mistakes at all. He was comfortable with the ball... which really made me feel at ease.

5-PEETOOM Brad - 5/10 - Wasn't too keen on Peetom's play... was a little shaky at the back and at times didn't really trust him with the ball at his feet. The first goal was blamed on Josh, but some may be to the fact that Peetom did pass the ball with pace in a pressure situation to his keeper, while a striker was pressuring (on top of that, it was at the beginning of the game and I don't even think Josh had a touch on the ball)... he would have been better just kicking the ball out of play.

7-PETERS Jaime - 7/10 - I only gave him the 7 because he scored. I wasn't really impressed with his play today... he is quick... but I've said it before and I'll say it again... THERE IS NO WAY he should be playing on our full mens national team squad. If he couldn't stand out today against Syria, then should he really be playing on our World Cup team? Still dumbfounded about Yallop's ideas. Anyways, Jaime did play an OK game, lost the ball a few times... but did create pressure.

18-CHAROWSKI Tomek - 6/10 - Didn't really have the ball enough to get a solid rating on him. He didn't do much bad, but didn't do much good whilst he was on.

8-ROSENLUND Tyler - 5.5/10 - Looked very 'blah' for a centre midfielder. Didn't really realize he was on the pitch at times.

9-GYAKI Ryan - 7.5/10 - I liked Gyaki's play today. He was hard working and didn't give up. Looked a little pissed off with the refereeing, but most strikers do. It would have been nice to see him put one away but maybe next game.

10-JOHNSON Will - 7/10 - Didn't look great, but wasn't bad. I thought he played a very medicore game. He had a few nice runs towards goal, but his effort in the second half near the end of the game where he shot over the bar, could have been threaded through the defense to Gyaki or laid off to the right where an opener winger was waiting.

11-DE JONG Marcel - 7.5/10 - Pretty good game by de Jong. He set up the goal and had some good corners and free kicks.

12-O'NEILL Riley - 5/10 - Ah, hard to rate someone who didn't play the entire game, or most of the game, but from what I saw, I didn't really like. Riley seemed quite slow when he had possession and didn't seem very confident. That ball that was passed through the defense where the Syrian defender made a great tackle for the corner, I'm a lil dissapointed about... if Riley had not anticapted it so much and just hit it across the goal, maybe we would have seen a different score.

14-EDGAR David - 8/10 - Very solid game by David in my eyes. Played well, very very comfortable on the ball and used his height to his advantage. Don't really remember David making any mistakes, but do remember him making some great balls and cleaning up the garbage at the back.


In conclusion, as Bertuzzi44 said above, the European players looked a cut above the North American based players. Lets tally up the results...

I rated 7 (so out of 70) North American based players, they received a score of...

40/70 = 57%

I rated 6 (so out of 60) European based players, they received a score of...

47/60 = 78%

North American based players receive a grade of 57%, which is good for a D+, whilst the European based players receive a grade of 78%, which is good for a B+... overall the team earns a 67%... which is a C+. To me, a C+ is not good enough, and the team will need to achieve atleast an A-(averages out to about 8/10 for each players) to earn atleast a point over Columbia on Wednesday. I have high expectations for this squad and one win in these next two games will most likely give us a spot into next round. See you all next game...

Professor Timotas

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