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Obesity in the NFL?


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The report says that the NFL denies that this is the case, but how will they explain the overall heft of most starting linemen? That the alleged 'fat' is merely severly atrophied muscle? Are they just really, really, and I mean really big-boned? I would like to see how the NFL would have described the general health of former Bears fatso Refridgerator Perry.

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From the article: "Almost all the players qualified as overweight, and 56 percent had BMIs of at least 30 -- what doctors consider obese. For example, a 6-foot-2 man weighing 235 has a BMI of just over 30. Nearly half of the obese players were in the severely obese range, with a BMI of at least 35, and a small percentage were morbidly obese with a BMI of at least 40."

To put this in a litle perspective. When I played in HS, I was 6'2" (well I still am) and was in the 230-235 range as my playing weight. One US school wanted me to add 30 lbs and another Canadian school suggested that if I could be up to 250 I would be in the running for a starting spot (they clearly over-estimated my talent).

Now anyone who's met me knows I'm not a small guy, yet I was a severely undersized lineman, especially by US standards.

How does this change? I have no idea. But even after a player over-heated and died, the NFL insists there's no issue with the weight (and more importantly the weight/physical fitness/suplement use in combination).



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