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WYC 2005 Holland Overall Results [R]


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FIFA World Youth Championship

June 10 to July 2nd in The Netherlands


<h3>[u]Group A</u>

               GP  W  D  L  GF  GA  + / -  Pts  

1. Netherlands  3  3  0  0   6   1     5     9 [b]Q[/b]

2. Japan        3  0  2  1   3   4    -1     2 [b]Q[/b]

3. Benin        3  0  2  1   2   3    -1     2 [b]E[/b]

4. Australia    3  0  2  1   2   5    -3     2 [b]E[/b]

Matches June 10 KERKRADE BEN 1- AUS 1 (0:1) June 10 KERKRADE NED 2 - JPN 1 (2:0) June 15 KERKRADE JPN 1 - BEN 1 (0:1) June 15 KERKRADE AUS 0 - NED 3 18 Jun 05 16:00 Kerkrade JPN 1- AUS 1 - 18 Jun 05 16:00 Tilburg NED 1- BEN 0 -
<h3>[u]Group B</u>

            GP  W  D  L  GF  GA  + / -  Pts  

1. China PR  3  3  0  0   9   4      5    9  [b]Q[/b]

2. Ukraine   3  1  1  1   7   6      1    4  [b]Q[/b]

3. Turkey    3  1  1  1   4   4      0    4  [b]Q[/b]

4. Panama    3  0  0  3   2   8     -6    0  [b]E[/b]
</h3> Matches June 11 UTRECHT TUR 1- CHN 2(0:1) June 11 UTRECHT UKR 3 - PAN 1(3:1) June 14 UTRECHT CHN 3 - UKR 2(1:1) June 14 UTRECHT PAN 0 - TUR 1 (0:1) 17 Jun 05 20:30 Doetinchem TUR 2- UKR 2 - 17 Jun 05 20:30 Utrecht CHN 4- PAN 1 -
<h3>[u]Group C</u>

            GP  W  D  L  GF  GA  + / -  Pts  

1. Spain     3  3  0  0  13   1     12    9   [b]Q[/b]

2. Morocco   3  2  0  1   1   3      3    6   [b]Q[/b] 

3. Chile     3  1  0  2   7   8     -1    3  [b]Q[/b] 

4. Honduras  3  0  0  3   0  15    -15    0  [b]E[/b] 
</h3> Matches June 11 DOETINCHEM ESP 3 - MAR 1(1:0) June 11 DOETINCHEM HON 0- CHI 7(0:2) June 14 DOETINCHEM MAR 5 - HON 0 (2:0) June 14 DOETINCHEM CHI 0 - ESP 7(0:1) June 17 DOETINCHEM ESP 3 - HON 0(2:0) June 17 UTRECHT MAR 1- CHI 0 (1:0)
<h3>[u]Group D</u>

             GP  W  D  L  GF  GA  + / -  Pts  

1. USA        3  2  1  0   2   0      2    7 [b]Q[/b]

2. Argentina  3  2  0  1   3   1      2    6 [b]Q[/b] 

3. Germany    3  1  1  1   2   1      1    4 [b]Q[/b]

4. Egypt      3  0  0  3   0   5     -5    0 [b]E[/b] 
</h3> Matches June 11 ENSCHEDE ARG 0 - USA 1(0:1) June 11 ENSCHEDE GER 2- EGY 0 (0:0) June 14 JENSCHEDE EGY 0 - ARG 2(0:0) June 14 ENSCHEDE USA 0- GER 0 18 Jun 05 13:30 Emmen ARG 1- GER 0 - 18 Jun 05 13:30 Enschede USA 1 - EGY 0 -
<h3>[u]Group E</u>

            GP  W  D  L  GF  GA  + / -  Pts  

1. Colombia  3  3  0  0   6   0      6    9   [b]Q[/b]

2. Syria     3  1  1  1   3   2     -2    4   [b]Q[/b]

3. Italy     3  1  0  2   5   5      0    3   [b]Q[/b]

4. [b]Canada    3  0  1  2   1   3     -2    1    E[/b]

</h3> Matches June 12 TILBURG COL 2- ITA 0 June 12 TILBURG SYR 1 - CAN 1 June 15 TILBURG CAN 0- COL 2(0:0) June 15 TILBURG ITA 1- SYR 2 18 Jun 05 13:30 Kerkrade ITA 4- CAN 1 - (1:0) 18 Jun 05 13:30 Tilburg COL 2 - SYR 0 - (0:0)
<h3>[u]Group F</u>

                  GP  W  D  L  GF  GA  + / -  Pts  

1. Brazil          3  2  1  0   3   0      3    7 [b]Q[/b]

2. Nigeria         3  1  1  1   4   2      2    4 [b]Q[/b]

3. Korea Republic  3  1  0  2   3   5     -2    3 [b]E[/b]

4. Switzerland     3  1  0  2   2   5     -3    3 [b]E[/b]




June 12 EMMEN BRA 0- NGA 0

June 12 EMMEN KOR 1 - SUI 2 (1:2)

June 15 EMMEN SUI 0- BRA 1 (0:1)

June 15 EMMEN NGA 1- KOR 2 (1:0)

18 Jun 05 16:00 Emmen BRA 2- KOR 0 -

18 Jun 05 16:00 Enschede NGA 3 - SUI 0 -

Round of sixteen

# Date Venue Match Result

37 21 Jun 05 17:30 Enschede USA 1 - ITA 3 -

38 21 Jun 05 20:30 Enschede MAR 1- JPN 0-

39 21 Jun 05 20:30 Tilburg BRA 1- SYR 0-

40 21 Jun 05 17:30 Tilburg CHN 2 - GER 3 -

41 22 Jun 05 17:30 Doetinchem NGA 1- UKR 0 -

42 22 Jun 05 20:30 Doetinchem NED 3- CHILE 0 -

43 22 Jun 05 17:30 Emmen COL 1 - ARG 2-

44 22 Jun 05 20:30 Emmen ESP 3 - TUR 0 -


# Date Venue Match Result

45 24 Jun 05 17:30 Galgenwaard Stadium Utrecht W38-W37 -

ITA 2-MAR 2 (Morocco win on PK's)

46 24 Jun 05 20:30 Willem II Stadium Tilburg W40-W39 -

GER 1-BRA 2 (0:0) (1:1) AET

47 25 Jun 05 15:30 Parkstad Limburg Stadium Kerkade W41-W42

NGA 1 - NED 1 (Nigeria win on PK's, 10-9!)

48 25 Jun 05 20:30 Enschede Stadium W43-W44 -

ARG 3 - ESP 1


# Date Venue Match Result

49 28 Jun 05 17:30 Galgenwaard Stadium Utrecht BRAZIL 1-ARGENTINA 2 -

50 28 Jun 05 20:30 Parkstad Limburg Stadium Kerkade MOROCCO 0-NIGERIA 3-

Match for 3rd place

# Date Venue Match Result

51 02 Jul 05 17:00 Galgenwaard Stadium Utrecht BRAZIL 2-MOROCCO 1 -


# Date Venue Match Result

52 02 Jul 05 20:00 Galgenwaard Stadium Utrecht ARGENTINA 2-NIGERIA 1-(1:0)

Sat Jul 02 11:00AM Pacific

Sat Jul 02 12:00PM Mountain

Sat Jul 02 01:00PM Central

Sat Jul 02 02:00PM Eastern

Sat Jul 02 03:00PM Atlantic

Sat Jul 02 03:30PM Newfoundland

Length: 2 hr 30 min LIVE

Rogers Sportsnet - ALL REGIONS - Canada

FIFA World Youth Championship - Final

results can be found on:


TieBreak Formulas

"6. The ranking of each team in each group shall be determined as follows:

a) greatest number of points obtained in all group matches;

B) goal difference in all group matches;

c) greatest number of goals scored in all group matches.

If two or more teams are equal on the basis of the above three criteria, their rankings shall be determined as follows:

d) greatest number of points obtained in the group matches between

the teams concerned;

e) goal difference resulting from the group matches between the

teams concerned;

f) greater number of goals scored in all the group matches between

the teams concerned;

g) Fair Play point system in which the number of yellow and red cards

are evaluated;

h) drawing lots by the FIFA Organising Committee.

6. The two teams finishing first and second in each group and the four best teams among those ranked third qualify for the round of 16

(cf. Art. 30).

7. The four best teams among those ranked third shall be determined as follows:

a) greater number of points obtained in all group matches;

B) goal difference resulting from all group matches;

c) greater number of goals scored in all group matches;

d) Fair Play point system in which the number of yellow and red cards

are evaluated;

e) drawing lots by the FIFA Organising Committee."

DJT or other mods: please revise or shape-up post as appropriate

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Second Result: Home team comes thru:

FT Holland [2 - 1] Japan

7' [1 - 0] Afellay

18' [2 - 0] Babel

69' [2 - 1] Hirayama

Comments from fans watching the match, on Bigsoccer:

"I'm very surprised and impressed with what Oranje is showing at this very moment . Quincy Owusu-Abeiyie , Maduro , Babel and Vlaar will probably play another WC again , next year .

Did you see Quincy's runs ? Unbelievable how fast and skillfull that guy is . I must admit , that I haven't seen much of him before , but I'm going to keep an eye on this lad . Japan really has trouble with his speed .

The future is bright , the future is Oranje."

"Their attack looked good and I was glad to see Quincy doing so well but their defense looked pretty poor when Japan actually began to attack. They easily could have lost the points towards the end. Maduro did not look very good especially given his time with the senior squad."

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FIFA Report of first match.


Oz keep cool to deny debutant Benin (1:1)

(FIFA.com) 10 Jun 2005

A tale of two halves, the opening match of the FIFA World Youth Championship Netherlands 2005 saw Australia rally back from a goal down to finish honours even with Benin. The West African debutants gave a fine account of themselves in their first-ever finals outing, but could not quite hang onto the advantage they deservedly carved out in the first half at the Parkstad Limburg Stadium in the southern Dutch city of Kerkrade.

"Benin came out faster than us, but after 25 minutes we began to play our game and by half-time we were pretty much even," Oz boss Ange Postecolgu said after the match. "In the second half we created a lot of chances and probably should have won."

The contest began with a flurry of attack from the far-from-overawed African first-timers. Charging forward industriously, a clever flicked chest pass from CAF qualifying sensation Abou Maiga freed Razak Omotoyossi at the edge of the box with only five minutes gone. Running at a conspicuously nervous-looking Aussie backline, the muscular striker was left stamping the ground in frustration after firing over Adam Federici's crossbar.

The Aussies were happy enough to concede possession in midfield, looking to hit out on the break with lanky forward Nick Ward of club side Perth Glory doing his best as lone target man.

The counter-attacking scheme nearly paid dividends when, in the 19th minute, a delicious long ball from Stuart Musialik sent the increasingly threatening Lia clean in. To the dismay of vocal Oz boss Ange Postecoglu, the precocious flank tormentor could only scuff a tame try into the grateful arms of Yoann Djodonou.

But just as their big-occasion nerves seemed to stop jangling, the Young Socceroos were caught out. Force-fed a dose of their own medicine, they were punished on a lightning-quick back-to-front break.

Shrewdly allowing Maiga's deft pass to run past him at the edge of the box, the lively Omotoyossi ghosted by his flat-footed marker and slipped the ball by Federici inside the far post. It was Benin's first goal at a FIFA finals, the first of Netherlands 2005 and they celebrated it fancifully at the corner flag to the delight of the Kerkrade crowd (1:0, 32').

Keeping up their route-one approach in the second half, the Australians seemed to be hurting for ideas. But, from nothing, a bit of indiscipline cost the talented Africans - who saw three players booked in the first half - to surrender their hard-earned lead.

A rash challenge in the corner led to an Australian free kick in a dangerous position. Kristian Sarkies whipped the ball in and the hard-working Ward popped up at the near post to poke past Djidonou and level the score (1:1, 59').

"We should have never conceded a silly goal like that," remarked Benin boss Deveze after the game. "We were protecting high and got beaten low and it was a stupid free-kick to concede."

The goal had a predictably unsettling effect on the Africans as the Aussies began to gather a menacing momentum. With 12 minutes to go, the Oceania reps saw a golden opportunity go begging as Ward broke down the left and crossed wickedly and low for Spase Dilevski. The substitute and former Spurs man, though, could only make his first touch an agonisingly one as he pushed the ball against the upright from close range.

Despite another golden opportunity for danger-man Dilevski, the scoreline stood, sending the two sides, temporarily at least, to joint-top of Group A.

"We wasted too many chances and lost our shape a bit in the second half," Deveze added. "But it's a positive result overall in our first match."

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quote:Originally posted by juaninho

I don't know much about Benin, but isn't the 1-1 draw a bit of a disappointment for the Soccer-Roos? Or am I holding the Roos in too high esteem?

You can never really tell with these small African countries, they produce tons of talent. Just look at Burkina Faso last tournament, I know we beat them, but they finished first place in a respectable group.

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FIFA Report


FIFA World Youth Championship

Oranje overcome late nerves to sink Japan (2:1) June 10/05

It was a carnival atmosphere at a packed Parkstad Limburg Stadium in Kerkrade as the Netherlands put on an inspired display of football in the first 45 minutes to down brave Japan in their first match at the FIFA World Youth Championship Netherlands 2005.

In a vivid contest of orange and blue, the Europeans' class showed through from the offing. With speed on the flanks, a fearsome rearguard and class through the middle with its epicentre at captain Hedwiges Maduro, the Dutch U-20s were reviving nostalgic echoes of their total football forbearers.

With a series of menacing attacks already under their belt, it took only six minutes for the hosts to find their opener. Arsenal youngster Quincy Owusu Abeyie lived up to billing when he fired in a fine diagonal ball from the right. And after a delicate heel flick from Ajax Amsterdam and senior Dutch international Babel, all Afellay had to do was tap the ball home from 12 yards (1:0, 7').

"In the first half the Japanese had no answer for Uwusu Abeyie," revered Dutch boss Foppe de Haan told members of the press after the final whistle. "He was quite simply remarkable."

Try as they might to find a foothold, the delicate Japanese were just no match for their bustling, ultra-inventive hosts. Soon after the opener, Holland were again on their bikes. Rick Kruys of Utrecht sizzled a shot that Japan keeper Shusaku Nishikawa was relieved to see slip past the far post before some brilliant work down the left from Owusu Abeyie nearly sprang Babel again.

It didn't take Babel long to atone for his slight sin as he linked up with the magnificent Uwusu Abeyie once more shortly after. The Arsenal man's foraging run up the left saw him leave five Japanese players in his wake. The resulting low cross to Babel was nothing short of perfection, and the striker slammed home from close range (2:0, 18').

Japan did manage some pockets of brave resistance just after the goal. Akihiro Ienaga had the best chance to pull one back, but his header fizzed just past Kenneth Vermeer's post. Nothing more than a false dawn for the Asians, the Clockwork Oranje kept up their relentless pressure to the half-time whistle.

Owusu Abeyie continually terrorised the Japanese right side with his mesmerising stopovers and dazzling control in the second half. Every touch brought a roar of appreciation from the hypnotised crowd. But as the hosts moved the ball around without much penetration, the Japanese managed a goal against the run of play with their first substantive attack of the second half.

Stunned by the surprising Japanese surge, the wheels nearly came off the previously smashing home side. Substitute Koki Mizuno's free kick found the head of Sota Hirayama and the lanky lone striker made no mistake nodding past Kenneth Vermeer 2:1 (76').

Suddenly the Dutch drums fell silent and Ienaga nearly drew level with a ferocious strike in minute 77. And Robert Cullen nearly drew level in the 90th but instead of pleasant dreams, he will have only nightmares about ballooning over the bar from close range.

In the end, Japan boss Kiyoshi Okhuma was predictably disappointed. If we played in the beginning they way we played at the end, the result could have been much, much different," the coach lamented after the match.

"I am pleased with our performance tonight," de Haan told reporters. "The only problem I have is that we did not score enough goals and that made things difficult for us in the end."

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quote:Originally posted by beachesl

FIFA Report


FIFA World Youth Championship

Oranje overcome late nerves to sink Japan

Hmmm... Sink Japan? Conjures up ideas of U-boats and Kamikazi pilots for some reason. Maybe I'm being a bit nitpicky and seeing more in this than is actually there, but I think FIFA should have chosen a more appropriate or 'neutral' adjective. Sure newspapers often use such history laden adjectives pejoratively, but FIFA is supposed to be impartial, or at least one would hope.

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Full stadium, great games, emerging star as under-20 soccer event starts



Actors re-enact Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn's Nightwatch painting during the opening ceremony of the World Championships U20 soccer match at Kaalheide stadium in Kerkrade, southern Netherlands, Friday. (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

KERKRADE, Netherlands (AP) - The World Youth Championship made a great start Friday with a sellout crowd, two tight games and a whiff of an emerging star. The hosts had their under-20 youngsters play sparkling soccer for an hour before Japan came back, but the Netherlands held on for a 2-1 win and the lead in Group A. Benin held Australia to 1-1 in the tournament opener watched by FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

Canada opens play Sunday against Syria (TV, check local listings) in Group E.

The star of the first night was Dutch winger Quincy Owuso, unstoppable on the left, and proof one does not have to score to dominate a game.

Released by Ajax for his recalcitrant attitude, the 19-year-old regained his composure at Arsenal and looks like one of Europe's hottest prospects.

His standout effort was when he beat five Japanese challengers to set up Ryan Babel for the second Dutch goal. Owuso burst through the defence seemingly at will before a happy 20,000-capacity crowd.

"I had a good game and used my speed well," Owuso said.

The Dutch appeared to be on the way to a rout but the Japanese hung tight, and made the hosts anxious after a deft header by standout striker Sota Hirayama. If Japan had converted an easy late chance, it could have had the group all level going into the second games.

Earlier, Nick Ward equalized in the 59th minute for Australia, after forward Razak Omotoyossi gave Benin the lead in the 32nd minute, scoring at the far post after a breakaway down the left flank.

The match started with a moment of silence for former Benin goalkeeper Samiou Yessoufou, who was bludgeoned to death with stones four months ago in Cotonou following a qualifying loss to Nigeria.

The Dutch lead Group A with three points ahead of Benin and Australia with one, and Japan with none. The top two in each of the six groups, and the four best third-place finishers advance.

On Saturday, Argentina and the United States clash in Group D. The Americans already beat the Argentines this year and believe they will do well again.

It also sets up a duel between potentially the two biggest stars of the tournament: Freddy Adu of the United States and Lionel Messi of Argentina.

There are five other games scheduled for Saturday.

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Here are the final results for the first three matches I got, which correspond to several other sources (including LiveScore and FIFA):

WYC 2005 (Under 20) - Group B

19:46 June 11

FT Turkey 1 - 2 China

20:30 Ukraine ? - ? Panama

WYC 2005 (Under 20) - Group C

19:46 June 11

FT Spain 3 - 1 Morocco

20:30 Honduras ? - ? Chile

WYC 2005 (Under 20) - Group D

19:46 June 11

FT Argentina 0 - 1 U.S.A.

Barrett scores at 39'

20:30 Germany ? - ? Egypt

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Guest Jeffery S.

Quite a poor match for Spain in the win over Morocco, I don't think the coaches can be too happy. All three goals came on defensive or keeper errors, while they never really dominated the midfield, showed a clear playing style or even were better man on man than the Moroccans, who have in Mouhssine Yajour their best player, a hell of a striker with very nice ball handling: he'll be signed in Europe this summer for sure.

What the game made me think was that still at this level dumb errors appear that should not be the norm at a higher level. First Spain goal a defender who I think is in Paris S-G pushed a ball back lamely to the keep and Llorente, the tall Bilbao striker, flicked it over the keeper's head. Third one was a typical blunder where on a long free kick into the area everyone jumps for it, noone touches it, and it floats into the net far post.

Morocco goal on a m. 83 penalty.

Anyways, don't think that Spain should be called favourite, especially with Cesc lacking in leadership, after what I saw today.

Big win for the States, I'd say.

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Full time scores for all of today's (Saturday's) matches. Shoulsd we be M-bare-assed about our CONCACAF colleagues being whipped by Chile today?

WYC 2005 (Under 20) - Group B

22:25 June 11

FT Turkey 1 - 2 China

FT Ukraine 3 - 1 Panama

WYC 2005 (Under 20) - Group C

22:25 June 11

FT Spain 3 - 1 Morocco

FT Honduras 0 - 7 Chile

WYC 2005 (Under 20) - Group D

22:25 June 11

FT Argentina 0 - 1 U.S.A.

FT Germany 2 - 0 Egypt

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Winning goal for Germany scored by substitute Nicky Adler, teammate of Nik Ledgerwood at 1860 Muenchen. To answer beachesl, CONCACAF looks alright with the USA showing their strength today. It's up to us to keep it going tomorrow. I'm saying 2-0 Canada.

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I think Panama was always going to be weak, but that Honduras score was shocking. Let's be honest is there much to choose between us and Honduras? Chile aren't that good . . . that's a good reality check that this isn't going to be easy. But we can do it. Certainly the US result is heartening. We played with them missing some starters and they just beat one of the best teams in the tournament (allegedly anyway).



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quote:Originally posted by Daniel

Concacaf looks alright??? Panama 1-3 Ukraine and Honduras 0-7 Chile!!!!

Granted, the US was a huge win, but if we don't win tomorrow, Concacaf will look like 1 strong side and 3 weak sides.

The question was should we be embarrassed as a CONCACAF team by the 7-0 loss. The answer is no as that US win over Argentina will be talked about a lot more than the loss to Chile.

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Is the 7-0 scoreline against Honduras a reality check? Or is are they wildly inconsistent? There is evidence of both if you look at past performance using the senior sides as measuring stick. Honduras had a World cup spot all but wrapped up in 2001 and mysteriously collapse very late in their matches in hex. Similarly, they put up the kind of results in the recent round of qualifying that suggest that they will be a force, but in the end, you could make a case that they were the worst team the group. Having said that, I really believe that other scorelines and performances ( in matches not involving Canada ) can tell you alot about where Canada stands. With that in mind, there shouldn't be too much surprise when you look back at our results in the last WCQ campaign.

Similarly, those result(s) leading up to this tournament such as the 2-0 loss to Morrocco ( a team who lost 3-1 to spain today ) have to mean something. Especially given Jeffrey's report that the Spaniards looked unimprssive. With that in mind, the opening match versus Syria looms huge for Canada. It will be the make or break game that will tell us much of what we need to know right away.

I'm still optimistic. But I still maintain from the games that I have seen from the past three editions of our U20 squad, that this team is not as strong as the previous one. Whom I have had the chance to see two of their matches on TV versus the US and Spain. I think that the U20 results that I have seen so far bare this out and the outcome is that the 2004 U20 team may have set the bar too high.

Prior to the start of the WYC in the UAE, I suggested that success would consist of putting up a strong fight against each opponent and scoring at least two goals in the group stage matches. Hence not getting blown out, which was what happened in 2001. I also thought that getting to the round of sixteen would constitute a huge success. They did better by reaching the 1/4 finals with a little break here and there such as drawing the right opponent in Burkina Faso. We cannot expect better from this side. I expect the same: a win versus Syria and a favourable Goal differential deficit in the combined matches versus Italy and Columbia. Getting to the round of sixteen would be a big bonus.

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quote:Originally posted by matthew

I think Panama was always going to be weak, but that Honduras score was shocking. Let's be honest is there much to choose between us and Honduras? Chile aren't that good . . . that's a good reality check that this isn't going to be easy. But we can do it. Certainly the US result is heartening. We played with them missing some starters and they just beat one of the best teams in the tournament (allegedly anyway).



Didn't Chile win over Germany in a friendly a few days ago?

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It's hard to say how good a squad is just over current/past results, especially not even seeing the game. You never know what could have happened...example, a team that lost 1-0.. may have had a defensive blunder and gave away a weak goal and were still all over the winning team. It's hard just by reading the reports, mainly because many are bias. I'll give you a real life example, two seasons ago playing North York CS Azzuri (When Jaime Peters was playing for them)... we beat them 7-0 at our home field.. we played them a week later... they beat us 6-1 at their home field. Results obviously do matter... but don't be fooled. Just because Morocco beat us 2-0... and they lost today... does mean that this competition is difficult... but doesn't mean now that our team has a disadvantage and should be looked upon as a weaker team. Our lads control their own destiny.

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Anyone able to get FIFA's live flash scorecard working?

As for Honduras/Chile, I believe Chile were fourth in CONMEBOL qualifying, but they scored a lot. They lost to Colombia 4-3 for example. So maybe they're very explosive. And I can see a team getting blown out of the water as a one off, but it's a little scary to see a team we've played tight twice get anhilated. Oh and I have no idea about Chile/Germany . . .

Also http://www.beelinetv.com has a link to RAI sports 24 hours. I can't get it to work, but they might have highlights at least of the other game in our group . . .



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