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Porta-potties at the field


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Hahahaha, sorry can't help myself with all the stadium stuff on the board lately.

Picture taken from last weekends MFL Jamboree. Found on www.monctonmarshalls.com.

The jamboree was held at Riverview's Henderson Field as Riverview's brand spanking new Dobson Field has "irrigation problems" ;)

I'm sorry I found the pic funny and thought I'd share. Don't shoot me

for having a warped sense of humour. [B)]


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quote:Originally posted by canso

Are they on an angle for easy drainage?

Is that a crown in the field that causes the dip or is that field just not level? The player beside the pottie that looks like he's tieing his pants, well beyond words [:I]

Mind you this is a league that braggs if it gets 500 to pay to watch a game.

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