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June 8th--W-League Toronto vs Sudbury (R)

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Result of the Wednesday June 8th, 2005 W-League game between Toronto Lady Lynx and Sudbury Canadian played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 11:00am.

28 min...Lady Lynx Melanie Booth GOAL...Booth gets ball on edge of box and takes 10 yard shot that's stopped point blank by standing goalie Katharine McNamara, the rebound drops in front of Booth who's around goalie and she pounds 4 yarder into empty net.

33 min...Lady Lynx Julia Ralph GOAL...Ralph blasts 30 yard shot that goalie palms from 7 yards but pushes ball into center of net just under bar.

42 min...Lady Lynx Kimberly Warner GOAL...When an LL player is tripped up near the edge of SC box, Warner jumps on the loose ball and takes 2 steps and her 10 yard roller is into the left corner of the net.

49 min...Lady Lynx Melanie Booth GOAL...LL Yuiko Konno crosses from right, Booth heads ball downward from 5 yards on left, the ball is beyond the goalie's arms and a defender who misses kicking it off the line.

52 min...Lady Lynx Yuiko Konno GOAL...Konno's 7 yard shot hits goalie on weak shot but rebound bounces back and Konno pounds ball into top right of net from 5 yards.

71 min...Lady Lynx Melanie Booth GOAL...LL Julia Ralph pushes ball forward on extreme right, LL Yuiko Konno rushes to it and holds off defender to cross 10 yarder from right, leaping Booth flicks 5 yard header into net.

90 min...Lady Lynx Holly Lincoln GOAL...LL Julia Ralph 22 yard free kick from left has Lincoln get diving header from 5 yards on right and ball is into low short right side of net.

Final Score:..............Toronto Lady Lynx.................7.................Sudbury Canadian...................0................

Attendance was announced as 1065 and looked legit. This was a special School Day game and must rank as a disappointment. Apparently earlier in the year 2500 were supposed to be here but the teachers from the various school boards around the city were on a 'work to rule' campaign which meant no after school activities, tutoring, coaching, field trips etc. While most boards settled Friday of last week, many of them felt that the students had lost too much class time so did not rebook after they'd already cancelled. The weather was extremely hot and humid.

The Lady Lynx dominated from the opening whistle and except for a brief Canadian flurry after they couldn't score in the first 15 minutes, they pulled away after their first goal. The two teams had played to a 1-0 Lady Lynx win just eight days earlier in Sudbury with the Lady Lynx scoring in the last two minutes but seven players were away at an Under 19 National team tryout. Today the teams just looked like two different classes. The Canadians had only brought three subs. There is no W-League Division 2 for the last two years. (That would have been a good place for the 2005 Canadians and old Toronto Inferno to play last year). The small player base of Northern Ontario limits their choices however it gives the area to showcase their talent to earn college scholarships.

Stacy Van Boxmeer and Justine Bernier played one half each and shared the shutout. Van Boxmeer didn't have much to do and journeyed out of her net a few times to play sweeper. The Lady Lynx made a total of five substitutions at halftime. With one last sub at 55 minutes, they had to play short the last ten minutes of the game when Lisa Melanda was injured.

Scottish international Julia Ralph looked the best player on the field today with her running and crossing. Melanie Booth served in some crosses and finished three plays for goals--two on headers. Japanese international Yuiko Konno had some good runs and shots too. The defense contained Sudbury threats Thalia Playford and Megan Schutt.

The Lady Lynx build their season record to 5-0 and are now on the road until July 7th encompassing five games until they return here to play Sudbury again. I expect last year's semi-finalist Ottawa Fury are the powerhouse of this division.

Lynx men's coach Hubert Busby Jr acted as an MC at halftime for a penalty kick shootout against the Lynxster mascot (I'm sure the guy in that furry suit must have lost a lot of weight today). We could think that the owners are making Busby do penance for their record of 0 wins in 11 games but they've put broadcaster Craig Forrest in the same MC position a few games ago.

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