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Sudbury Canadians Challenge the Lady Lynx


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Sudbury Canadians Challenge the Lady Lynx

Most W teams would not welcome the return of their opponents U18 National players but that is exactly what the Sudbury Canadians have done. On June 8th on Wednesday at an unlikely time of 11 am, the Lynx and Canadians are scheduled to play in a regular W League game at Centennial Park.

In an unusual move the Canadians have challenged the Lynx to start their mighty U18 National pool contingent. In return the Canadians will start no less than eight U18 players.

Sudbury Canadians General Manager Rino Boschetto “We understand that the audience for this game will be predominantly young school children as such, there is no better opportunity for the two W league teams to showcase their younger talent. Boschetto also confirmed that invitations will be sent to CSA officials and OSA officials including OSA Manager of Player Development, Bryan Rosenfeld.

Boschetto acknowledged that the Lynx U18 players are well known and deserving of their recognitions on the National team but Boschetto also was quick to point out that many of the younger Sudbury Canadians may also surprise the national U18 coaching staff. “It is a simple test, the match will either confirm the CSA selection of the Ontario U18 players picked for the U18 National Camp or they will discover some hidden talent in the far reaches of the province. Either way I think this is a game that will be of interest to many and may take on a life of its own.”

The great thing about the sport that we all love is that in the end it all comes down to what you can do on the soccer pitch.

In some respect that Sudbury Canadians represent those parts of the province and country where young players that are not well represented in the national pool partly because of the size of their community and partly because of distance none the less these are young players practice everyday with hopes and dreams of representing their country.

While the game time will be somewhat awkward for many adults this may be a very good game to skip school, skip work or skip whatever but we would strongly recommend that you be there!

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