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more news today

This shows its all the same poop, just a different province. Canadian soccer administrators just seem absolutely incapable of working together in joint venture situations with outside parties. There must be an unwritten stupidity qualification for these soccer positions. No wonder the Canadian soccer community can do little else than throw their hands in the air, while shaking their heads in disgust. There must be a way we can create a soccer environment that will support our kids and allow them to develop their skills in Canada? These poopholes continue to think they are big businessmen, doing all that can be done, when all they really are is little control freaks who want to hang on to superficial little bits of power and lining their pockets with other people's money. All this at the expense of any constructive progress that could be made, because in the 36 years that I have lived in Canada, soccer has not progress one inch. These so-called "leaders" appear united in their ignorance as they always blame someone else when things don't go their way. Are we ever going to see some leaders of separate soccer bodies shaking hands and saying, "Let's do this together for the good of Canadian soccer."
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