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May 15 -Toronto Lady Lynx v Vermont Lady Voltage R

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Result of the W-League game of Sunday May 15, 2005 between Toronto Lady Lynx and Vermont Lady Voltage played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 1:00pm.

27 min...Voltage Ashley Pfaff GOAL...Pfaff gets ball between defenders on pass in alone. Goalie Stacy Van Boxmeer was slow to move off her line and Pfaff 20 yard shot is into low left side of net around charging goaltender.

28 min...Lynx Amanda Cicchini GOAL....Deana Everett crosses from left and has Voltage player tip it. Cicchini gets ball at 7 yard and turns and fires into short left side of net beyond goalie Kristin Luckenbill.

1st Overtime: (10 minutes)

95 min...Lynx Kim Warner GOAL...Deana Everett rush on left and taps ball forward to charging Warner whose low 12 yard shot is into left side of net.

2nd Overtime: (10 minutes)

105 min...Lynx Kim Warner GOAL...Julia Ralph passes from left that finds charging Warner rushing up middle and her 18 yard shot is past goalie to low right side of net.

Final Score:.......Toronto Lady Lynx...........3.................Vermont Lady Voltage..........1............(in overtime)

Attendance wasn't announced while the game was on but listed as 1900. That count was more than believable by game's end as people were still arriving for the Men's Lynx game at 4:00pm. I was greatly surprised by how many people were there at the beginning of this game. There must have been 800 to 1000.

We in the pressbox didn't know when the game would end. I thought a tie would be called at the end of 90 minutes. Then I heard there were two 10 minute overtime periods. After the goal, some of us thought that was over. Then end of the ten minutes. No? Well another ten minutes. Ok they've won. I hadn't read the USL media guide.

The Lady Lynx dominated this game but couldn't score when they needed. They've got to work on their finishing touches. The Voltage had played in Sudbury the night before and only beat the Canadians 1-0 despite playing with a man up for 85 minutes after their opponents received a Red card. The Voltage didn't look good except for the play of defender/captain Michelle Barr who was always in the right place on it seemed like every Lady Lynx chance. The goalie Kristin Luckenbill was competent.

The Lady Lynx star was speedy Kim Warner who looked the most dangerous player from the moment she came on after halftime. Captain Mel Booth took many of the cornerkicks and freekicks. She had a great 40 yard freekick from the right that hit the bar near the left post. Goalie Stacy Van Boxmeer didn't have too much work to do.

Whistling Dixie! Lady Lynx players Joanna Alexopolus, Natalie Martineau, Robin Rushton (not in today's game), Amanda Cicchini, and Deana Everrett are all listed as members of the 2004 Dixie Blaze of the OYSL. Loredana Riverso and Nicole Mailloux (neither playing today) were listed as members of the 2004 Dixie 88s of the same league.

I'll be interested to see how the Lady Lynx do attendance wise against the New York Magic next Saturday at 4:00pm. In one game, they've passed the entire 2004 attendance of the previous W-League team Toronto Inferno.

Rocket Robin


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quote:Originally posted by Rocket Robin

The goalie Kristin Luckenbill was competent.

Kristin was the starting goalkeeper for the WUSA's Carolina Courage and has had USWNT experience.

I have some photos up from this game @ the GBR message boards.

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Yeah, most of the girls looked very young, except the Vermont goalie who looked twice the size and three times the age as the rest of the players on the field. And that's just the male players from the Lynx-Impact match I'm talking about.

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