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Beast call's it quits

FC Beast

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quote:Originally posted by Batigol

hey northboys whoever you are your a loser and shouldnt be involved in this forum. You probably know nothing about football and its people like you that make this country a joke in terms of soccer. If you dont care about the state of game in this country then great off and go screw around on another site.


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quote:Originally posted by Batigol

you are officially the biggest loser you are probably some dumb hick and you married your sister

Okay, now this is comedy gold.

In the left corner, wearing his mama's panties with pink flowers, weighing a whopping 121 pounds, with a record of 1 and 117, the one, the only, FC Beast (aka Batigol),

And in the right corner, wearing absolutely nothing, weighing an even 180 pounds, with a record of 120 - 1, with 118 knock-outs, the master of the quick-post, the king of the graphic insertion, the one and only,



This is hilarious. I've never seen anybody get to the Beast (Batigol) so fully as this. [8D]

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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