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U-Sector - Tailgate May 15th

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Hey guys, sure some of you dont enjoy what i have to say some of the time, ok hell all of the time but anyone whos in the area May 15th. Please come down and watch the Toronto Lynx opening game, and before that we have a Tailgate where we can have some fun and really get to know the SeanKeay you all know and love :) Anywho.. here is the specs for the day

- Ok, 10 days away boys and everything is looking pretty well ready to go, well for me atleast

But ideally we want to drink some beers and have some of our own ammmazing sausages...

12:00 - Start of the Tailgate, everyone is more then welcome, I would like everyone to show up please if u can. I want to bring some friends and show them a good time so that they will come out more times, and if it is just me and my imaginary ultras they will think i am more insane then i already am.

I am going to bring a few of those cool canadian tire disposable bbq's

I will proboboly bring sausages, but not enoigh for everyone so please try to bring some if you can. Aswell its not a Sean Kegger, so please feel free to bring as much booze as u possibly can for me ... i mean yourself

Anywho, we will kick the ball around for a bit, maybe say hi to the montreal ultras (basically daniel cause hes nice ;) and then around 3:00 - 3:30ish... (barring a freak accident of watching the womens game) we will then march into the stadium as a collective group ala Canada/Mexico WCQ

4:00 - Opening kick off, where all crazyness will happen... i dont know about you boys but i have been waiting a long time for this to start up again

PLEASE WEAR YELLOW, its hardcore.... if u have anything yellow and black, yellow and white, or just plain yellow.. bring er!!! heck paint your kids yellow and make them scream out "I LOVE GOOOOOOLD"

So please come and support your local team have some fun with the U-Sector

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quote:Originally posted by Daniel

2:30 - Ultras Montréal show up to pee in Sean's beer.

And points off for the Goldmember reference - blech.

He'd not notice the difference. Sean pees in his own beer. Danko anyone? ;)

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