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Fabien Barthez suspension


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After spitting at a referee in a "Friendly" match against a Morocan club side in February. He get's a six month suspension which appears to be more of a three month sentence and three months parole. He was even on the bench during this game. I recommend gone for the rest of the calender year with-out pay for entering the field of play and confronting the referee let alone spitting at him.

So his grand total of games missed for abusing an official will be five games. Four for Olympique Marseille and one for France.

Way to show backing for game officials guys. Let any hot head do what he wants and whip him with a wet noodle. I keep thinking if they way we respect ref's these days keeps goin' we should just do away with them and have video judges because what idiot wants to be on the field to call the game if no-one's got their back. Since we expect the officials to be robots and not humans. Never miss a call whilst not interfering with the flow of play. Players can make errors but ref's should be perfect. Ahhhhhh never mind I feel a rant coming.


Oh yeah, he gets to play to-day in Marseille's 34th game of the year against Nantes as they fight it out with Monaco for that crucial third spot in Ligue 1

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