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FIFA Rankings - April 2005

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FIFA Rankings: Canada remains at 84

Canadian Press


ZURICH (CP) - The Czech Republic has replaced France in second place in FIFA's world soccer rankings, with Brazil holding on to first and Argentina staying in third.

Canada remained No. 84, sandwiched between Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. Frank Yallop's team stands ninth among countries in CONCACAF, which covers North and Central America and the Caribbean.

In the monthly rankings released Wednesday, France dropped to fourth place with the Netherlands moving up two places to fifth. England also improved two spots, moving into sixth.

Rounding out the top 10 were Spain, Mexico, and Portugal with the United States and Italy tied for 10th.

Just outside the top 10, European champion Greece moved up two spots to 12th place. Other teams improving from last month included Croatia (No. 21, up three places), Egypt (No. 28, up three), South Africa (No. 37, up three), Belgium (No. 41, up 10), and Ukraine (No. 42, up four).

Of the top 50 teams, 26 are from Europe. Africa has eight, Asia six, South America six, and CONCACAF four.

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No but he's got a ball growing out of his ear which seems to be causing him great pain!

Meanwhile his friend Asamoah is standing nearby and staring intently to see what will happen next.

Bizarre! Probably not one for the website.

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