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Forbes valuation list of NHL teams


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Being a Habs fan for as long as I can remember, I'm surprised at the fact that they're listed as #8 in the league for net worth after all the poor mouthing I've heard over the last decade. As long as I remember is a long time in hind sight. I watched the Make Beliefs win the Cup (on TV) in the 1966-1967 season and the Flyers to me are still an expansion team ;)

But I find this list interesting in this year of no Stanley Cup play-offs.

Canadian teams 2004 values:

Make Beliefs #2 in the league @ $280 million

Les Habitants #8 @ $195 mil

and the children in the league

Vancouver #15 @ $148 mil

Ottawa #16 @ $125

Calgary #22 @ $116


Edmonton #27 @ $104 (the list stops at 25 so I had to do a team search for the Oilers)

Complete list avialable here:

Forbes.com NHL list

One of these days I'm gonna get banned for not being able to stay on topic.

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