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List of leagues in Canada?


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quote:Originally posted by CUJO

Jeez, im gonna have to change my name...

I mean like, besides the a-league, what other leagues are there...

Here's some of the provincial senior leagues-

NSSL- http://www.nssoccerleague.ca

PEISL- http://www.seniormensleague.com/

NBSL- http://english.soccernb.org/Competitions/Document.2004-01-20.2642

LSEQ- http://www.lseq.qc.ca/

OSL- http://www.osl-td.com/

MMSL- http://www.manitobamajorsoccer.com/

SKPSL- http://www.ssapsl.com/

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Talking senior men's only...

After USL D1 (formerly A-League), we usually consider the CPSL and PCSL.

Then come the provincial leagues that aussoccerfan listed. To add to his list:


AMSL - http://www.albertasoccer.com/Competition/Alberta%20Major%20Soccer%20League

BC (are these all considered to be at the same tier? are there others?):

VMSL - http://www.vmslsoccer.com

VISL - http://www.visl.bc.ca

FVSL - http://www.fraservalleysoccer.com

You might find this helpful:


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VMSL, VISL and FVSL are competitive amateur leagues with multiple divisions offering the highest level of play in their top divisions in the districts they cover. They are all winter leagues. Many current and former Whitecaps players who live in the Vancouver area year round play for VMSL clubs in the winter (their USL off-season).

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